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Introducing Marketplace Search Beta

Linden Lab


UPDATE 11.23.2015
Additional changes have been made to the Marketplace Beta Search and new forum thread has been opened for your constructive feedback once you have a chance to review the changes and test the Beta again. The old forum thread has been closed. Thank you for your continued feedback.



We’re pleased to share that improvements to the existing Marketplace search functionality are now available through Marketplace Search Beta.  We’ve made infrastructure changes to improve the relevance of search results - making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for! We have also made changes for search to scale better as more content and categories are added to the Marketplace - and that means the newest creations and additions are at your fingertips.  We are still working on an important feature, which will allow you to exclude keywords (such as “demo”) from your search - but want to get this into your hands now and get your feedback!  

You can, of course, continue to use the default search as well.  

To try out the Marketplace Search Beta, visit https://betasearch-marketplace.secondlife.com to perform all your regular Marketplace activities. If you see any issues, please file a BUG JIRA with the Website -> Marketplace component.  For general comments and feedback, visit this forum thread. Happy shopping!


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