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Get Your Costumes Ready for Friday's Inworld Creepy Crawl!

Xiola Linden


 It’s creepy, and kooky and you don’t want to miss it!

This Friday, October 30th from 10:00am SLT until 3:00pm SLT - you are most cordially invited to join us inworld for the 2015 Second Life Creepy Crawl! “What is the Creepy Crawl?” you may ask. It’s a scary-good inworld event where Lindens and Residents get dressed up in their best Halloween costumes and roam from spooky spot to spooky spot for music, dancing, and celebrating! It’s going to be a bit like a ‘pub crawl’ without the need for taxi fare.

Costumes are strongly encouraged for this event - so come out and show off your best. I am still deciding between 4 different costume choices I've put together and may have to wear all 4 at some point during the crawl. It’s a good thing we’ll have 5 hours to run amok and have fantastical fun. Just keep in mind that this event is for General and Moderate audiences when perfecting your look.

Below is the schedule and Destination Guide entries - so if you’re unable to join us for the entire duration - pop into the spot on the schedule when you can log in.

The 2015 Second Life Creepy Crawl is getting closer - don't blink or it could be upon with you little to no warning!

See you there!




10:00am SLT  to 10:30am SLT


Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze

Bay City becomes "Hay City" with it's annual autumn hay maze! Find your way through, find some fun prizes...or find yourself on the dinner plate of spooky ghosts, spiders and rats!

Visit in Second Life


10:30 am SLT - 11:00am SLT


Dance Island

Find live DJ performances and non-stop action at Dance Island.

Visit in Second Life


11:00am SLT -11:30am SLT


Vampyr Empire

Transylvania, one of Second Life's longest running communities, features a thriving, tight knit family who can offer support for new people coming into this lifestyle. You'll find towering castles, dark corners and high-class Gothic-style shopping in this popular area. Don't miss the live events at The Wall, where you'll find music 24/7.

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11:30am SLT - 12:00pm SLT


The Truth About Bats & Avies

slGoth is pleased to present “The Truth About Bats & Avies,” a charity festival for Bat World Sanctuary, held October 15-31. Do you love bats? Of course you do! Purchase bat-themed creations from top Second Life designers with proceeds toward Bat World Sanctuary. Explore three sims filled with castles in the Bats in the Belfry Hunt, hosted by Morphe, Inc. Grab a gacha at the charity bat cave!

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12:00pm SLT - 12:30pm SLT


Pumpkin Town 2015

Pumpkin Town is one of the most famous Halloween towns in Second Life! It's a place to visit and have fun! Here you'll find deejay sets, concerts, freebies, shopping, a hunt and more. Learn more at pumpkin-town.blogspot.be. Open Oct. 1-31.

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12:30pm SLT - 1:00pm SLT


Club End of Days

Enter the world of the dark angels, if you dare! Hidden in a dark corner of cyberspace is a secret club where vampires and other nocturnal creatures party the nights away. Join live DJ's as they play various music from old-school goth to the latest cyber goth genres. Welcome to Club End of Days.

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1:00pm SLT- 1:30pm SLT


American Cancer Society

Offering hope to sufferers of this often fatal disease, the ACS in Second Life offers education/awareness programs and aims to unite survivors and caregivers. Residents can also visit Anatomica, which examines the key player in the body's immune system: the white blood cell.

Visit in Second Life


1:30pm SLT - 2:00pm SLT


AEG Haunted Beach

This haunted beach is filled with interactive scary surprises. Wander among the dead and mingle with the demons...if you dare!

Visit in Second Life


2:00pm SLT - 3pm SLT


Haunted Halloween Tour

The Haunted Halloween Tour is back with new scares and surprises for 2015! Strap in and prepare to experience haunts, ghouls, death, scares, and a descent through madness itself. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

Visit in Second Life


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