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Win Awesome Prizes in the 2015 Fa-BOO-lous Snapshot Contest

Linden Lab


In Second Life, every day is an opportunity to dress up, but come Halloween time, Residents step it up and take it to a whole new level of fun and creativity. If this is your first Halloween in Second Life - or even if it’s your 12th - you are in for something incredible!

All over the grid, regions decorate, put together trick-or-treat style hunts, blast some chilling tunes for your move your avatar bones to, and generally run amok in the undeniable excitement of Halloween. We couldn’t be left out of the spooky shenanigans, so there’s a few official events you won’t want to miss out on.

Along with this year’s upcoming Creepy Crawl, there’s a chance you could win one of four amazing prizes for your Halloween-themed snapshots! That’s right, take pics - enter the contest, and potentially win Linden dollars!

The 2015 Second Life Fa-BOO-lous Snapshot Contest starts today! Head over to the contest category of the forums to read the rules and start sharing your ghoulish, glam, gorgeous, and ghastly snaps.


Pic by Maia Athena

Stay tuned to this blog for more treats we are cooking up in the Lab!


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