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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 08/28/2015

Xiola Linden


The Second Life Destination Guide returns with another installment of cool places for you to visit when you next login to the grid.

From inworld performances, to art and medieval combat training there’s bound to be a spot or two of interest for you to spend a little time exploring. Drop on in!



Anarchy Combat is a fully immersive combat sim with three different levels. Home to grimly zombies, all weapons are permitted, and player vs player combat is welcome. The levels include a cave system, winter forest, and an open, post-apocalyptic ground level. Anarchy also sells a variety of combat huds and weapons. No rules, just combat.

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Double Dragon Academy

Located on a pastoral island off the coast of 1400s Scotland, the Double Dragon Academy (DDA) is a step back in time to attend or participate in a medieval tournament or train as Knight, Ranger, Jouster or Warrior. Offering comprehensive programs of self-advancement in combat, mentorship and service using Skill Quest scenarios. Cadets are given free uniforms and weapons. Facility open 24/7/365.

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This German-language sim features a summer thunderstorm and endless photographic opportunities.

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Ironwood Hills

Welcome to Ironwood Hills, where you can breathe easy but just not deeply. In this abandoned town, the bomb survived but the people did not. Gas mask suggested and photography encouraged.

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...A Bit Of Red...

Don't miss this creative tribute to "The Phamtom Of the Opera," held at MetaLES through Oct. 21. "A heart and a rose.... the perfect elements, through which it begin a journey that leads to the vision of some fragments in a story of passion and pain..."

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Strings by Cica Ghost

In the courtyard of an ancient villa, set amidst a surreal landscape, a band of musicians performs for onlookers and visitors.

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Dead Realm

A science experiment in the middle of the desert, abandoned by its owners. Who knows what it was used for and why it was abandoned all of sudden? Explore the area or just take a seat under the shade sail, enjoy the music playing on the radio and wait for the spectacular nightfall.

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Walking On a Dream

Search your dreams along this land. Swim in the secret oceans of coral blue and red ,embraced by beautiful sea, rivers and blossom evenings under the silence tree. You can sit in the French café or wander deeper into hidden caves. Fill your mind with music and love in the beautiful dance balloon kissed by colorful trees surrounded by magic and calm. This is a place for love, a place for art, a place for wonder.

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