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An Interview and Q&A with the CEO

Linden Lab


As part of Second Life’s 12th birthday celebrations, Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg (aka Ebbe Linden in SL) sat down inworld with Saffia Widdershins and Jo Yardley for a "Meet the Lindens" interview. You can watch the video below, and Inara Pey has written up a transcript you can read here.

You can

in full on our Official YouTube page.

The interview ended with some audience Q&A, but there wasn’t time to get to all of the audience questions, and of course not everyone was able to watch the interview live in the auditorium and ask their questions.

So, today we’re opening up a new Forum thread to address some of the questions we didn’t get to and to give everyone an opportunity to ask their own. We’ll answer some of the frequently-asked questions we spotted in local chat at the "Meet the Lindens" interview at the top of the thread, but feel free to add your own questions to the forum thread and Ebbe and other Lindens will endeavor to answer as many as we can. Join us in the Forums, here.


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