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Experience Tools Available Now For Premium Members!

Linden Lab


Experience Tools are a powerful new feature that make it possible for creators to build more seamless and immersive experiences. Experience-enabled scripts allow each user to opt-in to an entire multiple-script experience, rather than being interrupted by lots of dialog boxes from each individual scripted object. New capabilities for persistent key/value data storage are also shared across all scripts in an Experience, reducing the need for complex and time consuming object-to-object communication.


As of today, this exciting creative power is available to all Premium subscribers, and every Second Life user can enjoy participating in these seamless experiences with a new Viewer that makes it easy to manage all of your experience permissions.

This project has already helped bring a more immersive experience to The Cornfield, Linden Realms and other Second Life experiences you can find through our Portal Parks. Don’t forget to check out all the Resident-created experiences in our Destination Guide too!

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest Viewer or visit our download page to get it. This latest release allows you to manage all of your experiences whether you’re a creator or participant.

If you’re a Premium member and would like to begin creating with Experiences, check out this Knowledge Base article to get started. We can’t wait to see what you create!



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