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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 6/26/2015

Xiola Linden


Second Life can be a real jungle. There is so much to see, and lately you may have spotted some Raptors running wild and wondered where they came from. You can grab your own free copy of the SL12B commemorative avatar on the Marketplace.  We’re running a contest right now around this Raptor and you could win L$10,000 for taking it out on the grid. Find out more on the contest page. Part of the contest is to take your Raptor to interesting places in Second Life for snapshot, and where better to find some great spots than with the Second Life Destination Guide?

We have compiled a fresh list of a few of the newest spots that caught our eye this week. Go forth into the wilds of Second Life and have a good time!



Official SL12B Music Festival

Celebrate Second Life's twelfth birthday with a two-day concert event. Hear live performances from some of SL's top musicians June 26-27 in this special concert event.

Visit in Second Life



Mizu – A Rainy Story

"Mizu - A Rainy Story" is an interactive experience in Second Life unlike any other. Grab your HUD and take a seat in the theater and prepare to be transported to a horror story you won't soon forget. More info at hmizu-sl.blogspot.jp.

Visit in Second Life



Alpha Tribe

Explore Alpha Tribe, which revolves around the theme of "fool's gold." Several discoveries await, including a golden ship, clockwork creatures and more.

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Oz Nightclub

As you enter this unique high art deco nightclub of the late 1920’s and 30’s, you’ll find yourself stepping into another place and time. Oz is a place filled with romantic live entertainment and classical elegance. The live music ranges from jazz and swing of the period to pop.

Visit in Second Life



Summer's Hotter Than Hell Hunt

Summer's here! It's time to search across the grid to find items related to everything summer. The heat is on through July 20. Here's your first hint: "Oh, I just love camping out for great items!"

Visit in Second Life

Don’t forget our Official Second Life Flickr page is a great spot to share your pics.


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