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The “What Second Life Means to Me” Video Share Project

Xiola Linden



We’ve been having a lot of fun with no end in sight to the good times - but you can’t turn 12 without a little pride and reflection. Second Life has been going strong for a dozen wonderful years and there’s a ton of things happening to celebrate. You’ll see more to come here in the Featured News Blog - but we wanted to stop and ask - “What is the meaning of Second Life?” To you - that is! This question may sound daunting - but the truth is, tapping into what makes “SL” so special to us as individuals and communities is a really amazing exercise in retrospection and self-discovery. This is your world - so what does it mean to you?

Whether you just got started, have been onboard for the full dozen years, or fall somewhere in between - we’d love to see a glimpse of your story in the “What Second Life Means to Me” video project. You don’t have to be a master of machinima to participate. You can use something like Camtasia or Fraps to make some great stuff relatively quickly, and both have free or trial versions. Or, you can film yourself talking directly to your web or digital camera and telling your story. This doesn’t have to be a strictly inworld project - because we understand that Second Life impacts our offline lives as well.

From a few seconds to a few minutes - just kick it off with this - “In Second Life, my name is …” and share your story from there! Once you have something set - share it! Upload it to YouTube and embed it on this forum thread. Together, we’ll watch the thread for new stories over the coming weeks - it should be awesome. If you prefer to express yourself in writing - share what Second Life means to you with a reply to the thread.

Here are some videos - from both Lindens and Residents alike - that might help springboard your inspiration.


Xiola Linden

Torley Linden

 Patch Linden



Strawberry Singh

Draxtor Despres

Kaya Angel

Gentle Heron


There’s so many things that Second Life means to each of us - and we can’t wait to hear what you have to share about your journey here so far.




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