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Mesh Update

Linden Lab



Linden Lab is excited to announce the latest updates on one of our coolest new features — mesh. With mesh, you’ll be able to create, build and beautify even more incredible objects inworld! You’ll find a new Mesh Enablement functionality tab in the My Account section of your Account screen. It’s just another part of the innovation and imagination that makes Second Life the magical place it is.

Uploading Mesh

Now that mesh is in rollout stage and many users will soon be able to utilize its content-creation capabilities, there are a few things creators should know before giving it a whirl. Potential creators will need to satisfy a couple of requirements in order to gain access to mesh-upload capabilities. First, you’ll need to review a short tutorial that is intended to help Residents understand some of Linden Lab’s intellectual property policies — they can be kind of tricky, and we at the Lab want all content creators to be well-informed This tutorial outlines some of the key points relating to intellectual property.

Second, if you have never given us billing information, you'll need to enter it into your account. Why, you ask? Because having payment information on file is an important step in establishing direct relationships with content creators who will be working in mesh. Note: We do realize that with the current configuration, some Residents will need to make a purchase in order to enter their billing information.

The first round of rollouts of mesh will be happening over the next few weeks! We look forward to seeing your continued imagination, skill and creativity in this exciting new format. We hope you’ll be pleased with our innovations — and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now go create something amazing!

Linden Lab



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wonderfulll I wona protect my 1 prim in real world or wirtual oll cost so intelect investmen cost thx lin lab much you are the best ...............

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How will I be able to create anything if I have to have to fork out money just to upload and test out a mesh? I don't have a credit card so no billing information. This sucks. All that is left to do is to go dumpster diving in SL and use prims and just use SL  to waste time instead of being productive. Sucks that I cannot utilize SL for greater purposes because of the company's paranoid behavior concerning intellectual property rights. I see people violating the law anyway on Marketplace so I guess the company is suffering from cognitive dissonance and decide to stay silent on this issue?

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There are a number of options for testing mesh (or any other upload - objects, textures, scripts etc) without uploading them to Second Life Main Grid, therefore not paying L$. For textures, you can use "local" textures that only you can see and check that they are correct before uploading them. You could download and install Opensim on your computer. Most functions work more-or-less the same and you can try out your mesh objects before uploading them. You can, of course try out mesh objects in the program you made it in. For Clothing items, there are a number of programs that allow you to preview the objects on the basic Second Life Avatar. Then there is the SL Beta Grid. Uploads to the Beta Grid are free, though you can not transfer them to the main grid - it is only for testing. You will find it in the drop down box before you log in. Firestorm still supports Beta Grid Logins, though I can't find the option for Beta Grid on the Linden Viewer. For vehicle testing or buildings, your best options are Opensim or the SL Beta Grid. Most functions are the same in Opensim as SL, so even if Linden Lab stop public access to the Beta Grid in future, you will still have a means to test it out in a SL-like virtual environment. The main thing to remember is that Opensim does NOT support Havoc. Of course, no-one can help you with the cost of uploading ready-to-use uploads, that's something we all have to deal with, whether by camping, working, paypal, using bank details or credit/debit cards. But at least we can test things out without wasting money when they don't fit our requirements.

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I wanna say this to those who claim mesh lags  people ..  FYI everything in any graphical game is a form of mesh  .. just saying  the reason why you may experience  lag is because of several reasons 1.) your graphics card is old and needs upgrading 2.) your on  a pc with integrated graphics .3) your on a old pc and don't want to upgrade it  ..4.) the creator who uploaded it didn't optimize the mesh .  also  many too many think 1024x1024 textures  make their objects look better but it doesn't so  it might just be your getting texture lag ..if a texture is done right it can look  great at 512x512 and you would not notice any differancde between a 512x512 than a 1024x1024.. but then everything depends on  size for example if it is a small object you can go a bit   smaller for  it to.. So  just saying that Mesh lags you do some homework

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Hi all!

I am very new here in SL and I love it so far. My main interest is making stuff and I love the tutorials I can follow inworld. So I try to read as much as I can about “prims” ‘Mesh” en “sculpties”. I must admit is is a bit confusing for a beginner but I will get there!

 Reading the reactions on this blog and the blog  helps to. 

But I was very surprised about the respond Dhelia Steinhardt gave here. She says “… I started in SL i did what manny people did "recreating existing places in SL".I stripped the buildings from their brand- or company names.”

And I presume she sold the stripped items as well.

I consider this stealing. Or do I miss out on something here? And then she complains her ‘earnings’ are stolen by Linden Lab. A bit strange I think. But maybe I misinterpreted what she ment.

Anyways…. I’ll just go on with doing what I love and what is the best part here, building in SL.

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