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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 6/05/2015

Xiola Linden


The Second Life Destination Guide can help you find a place to spend those Linden Dollars burning a hole in your virtual pocket, or simply discover some new places to explore, visit and potentially meet new people. We like to surface some of the great things happening in Second Life, so you get a chance to participate and appreciate what’s going on right now. Here’s a few you don’t want to miss. From Second Life artists’ collaboration with renowned film director Peter Greenaway to hunts specializing in stuff for manvatars — there’s no shortage of variety and interest in this week’s Destination Guide Highlights.



The Arcade Gacha Events

The Arcade Gacha Events presents the ultimate GACHA experience! Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade offers unique gacha prizes from 100 of the grid's top designers!

Visit in Second Life



MENstuff Fashion Hunt

The MENstuff Fashion Hunt consists of 100 great MENstuff designers, some of which have generously designed exclusives that will only be found in this limited-time hunt.

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Second Life's Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmore and Rose Borchovski team with acclaimed film director Peter Greenaway for the special exhibition "Obedience," held in both Second Life and the Jewish Museum Berlin. Interact with the museum attendees at the physical installation in this exhibit, held through September 13.

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WARzone is a melee combat sim filled with many raids and events,as well as rewarded tournaments. Join the fantasy fun in this active combat community.

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Entropy II

Explore five different and unique areas in Entropy II, an artistic build by NaTaS Janus and friends.

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RAYNE Isles is a classic landscape with simple beauty to while away the hours. The perfect location for dreamers to unwind, relax and take photographs. Release the stress of yesterday at RAYNE, and find your inner peace.

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The Silk Road Hunt VI

The Silk Road Hunt VI is a grid-wide hunt brought to you by HHL Hunts & Events. Held through June 30, in this hunt you'll find themed treasures hidden all over the grid in 75 participating shops. The exciting theme this year is the Roman Empire!

Visit in Second Life

If you somehow missed it —  our Official Second Life Flickr page is a great spot to share the pictorial memoirs of your adventures— so please share them!

If your creation needs to be in the Destination Guide, but isn’t, drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

Now, get your gacha juju in check,  your artist’s eyes focused, and your combat HUD ready —  because the whole grid is at your fingertips!


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