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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 5/15/2015

Xiola Linden



The weekend is just within reach - which must mean it’s time for another edition of Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - a satisfying sampler of some of the newest and coolest places to pop up in Second Life. The teleport button is waiting to happily guide you to your next great adventure.


6th Republic Event

6º Republic is a new decor and landscaping event showcasing a broad selection of designers in one place. Creativity, passion and uniqueness are found in exclusive 100% original mesh creations inspired in the theme selected for each round. The theme for the current round for May is Industrial, with small contemporary and rustic hues.

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Life in a Bowl by Cica Ghost

On a deserted tropical island, captive giant fish languidly survey the landscape in Cica Ghost's latest art experience and installation.

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City Inside Out

Walking into any interior reveals only exteriors. The sense of personal space is absent. How is a city experienced when there are no comforts for the soul, no home?

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Nairb's Skydive Center

What's there to do in Second Life? SKYDIVE! Get started here with a free basic parachute. Jump using the pod from 4000 meters or the two base jump platforms on the tower! Nairb's Skydive Center also features monthly contests and more.

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Nightingale Isle

Nightingale Isle was created as a space to encourage, challenge and support nursing students in their journey to become nurses. NI fosters collaboration, research and education between nursing students, educators and healthcare professionals.

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There is plenty more where that came from - the Destination Guide has a wealth of spots you should venture to - but if you have a region or location you’d love to show off that’s not there,  share it! As you cruise through the sights and sounds of new places, don’t forget to take some snapshots and upload them to the official Second Life Flickr Page.




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