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SL21B Live Music Events & Performances

Linden Lab


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From June 21st to July 1st, go on an interstellar journey through sound and emotions with a variety of music events and spellbinding performances at the SL21B stages.

The SL21B celebrations are set to reach stratospheric heights with a staggering 500+ performers ready to take over four majestic stages! This is not just a party; it’s a festival of boundless energy and musical marvels that promise to engulf your senses.

Keep your eyes on the Birthday Events Calendar to ensure you don’t miss a beat!

Do you use Google Calendar? If so, you can also add the Birthday Calendar directly to your own calendar by clicking here


You can also watch the Second Life Public Calendar for all Linden Lab events and in the next few days, we'll debut a dedicated Destination Guide category with many event highlights. Look out for entries that will start appearing in the SL21B category later this week and keep an eye on this blog for more information about SL21B coming soon!

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