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Lowering the Cost of 2K Textures: A Win for Premium Plus Members!

Linden Lab


June 25, 2024 Update:

We have implemented the fee reduction of 2k textures to 0L$ for Premium Plus and Lifetime Premium Plus accounts as of 12:30 PM SLT, June 25th 2024.


Original Blog Post (Published June 18, 2024)

Greetings, Second Life Residents!

Following the release of 2K textures, we’ve received an outpouring of feedback, especially regarding our pricing for our Premium Plus subscribers, from User Groups and Forums to Support cases and even Reddit. We heard you loud and clear. As a result, we are excited to announce a significant update that will benefit our dedicated Premium Plus members. Coming soon, the cost of 2K textures will be reduced from 10L$ to 0L$ for all Premium Plus and Lifetime Premium Plus account holders. This change aims to enhance your creative experience without increasing your expenses. Please note that all other costs will remain the same, and we cannot offer refunds for previous purchases. This post will be updated, when the upload fee has been reduced.

Why This Change?

Initially we increased pricing for 2k textures for business needs. Storage, data transfer and rendering time are all real costs and literally 4x that of our prior maximum of 1k textures. We understand the importance of high-quality textures in building and creating within Second Life. 2K textures are essential for many of our residents, enabling them to bring their visions to life with clarity and detail. By lowering the cost to zero, we want to empower our Premium Plus members to use these textures freely and focus on their creativity without worrying about additional costs.

What Stays the Same?

While this is a significant change for 2K textures, all other costs associated with textures and other in-world purchases will remain the same. This decision allows us to maintain a balanced economy within Second Life while still providing added value to our Premium Plus members. Additionally, we will not be offering refunds for any 2K texture upload fees incurred before this change. 

How to Upgrade

If you’re considering upgrading to a Premium Plus account to take advantage of this and other benefits, it’s easy! Simply visit our Premium Membership Page and follow the instructions to upgrade your account. Premium Plus members enjoy a host of perks, including exclusive gifts, expanded customer support, and more.

Feedback and Support

We always value your feedback. This update is part of our ongoing effort to improve the Second Life experience for all residents. If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to our customer service team or visit our support page.

Thank you for being a part of the Second Life community. We look forward to seeing the incredible creations you’ll make with your newfound access to 2K textures!

Happy building and creating,

The Second Life Team

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