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Launching Mirrors, PBR Terrain and 2k Textures in Second Life!

Linden Lab


We are thrilled to officially launch three groundbreaking updates designed to elevate your virtual experience: Mirrors, PBR Terrain, and 2K Textures.


Mirrors: Step into a more immersive world with real-time reflections. Our new mirror functionality uses reflection probes, providing stunning and dynamic reflections. Perfect for adding realism to your virtual environments, whether it's for a sleek modern home or a bustling cityscape. You will find the options to make a reflection probe on the Build window, under Features.

PBR Terrain.jpg

PBR Terrain: Prepare to be amazed by the next level of terrain detail. With Physically Based Rendering (PBR), you can now apply advanced GLTF materials to your landscapes. This means your terrains can have intricate normal maps and metallic-roughness maps, bringing a new depth and realism to the ground beneath your feet.

Featurettes Viewer.jpg

2K Textures: Say hello to high-definition details. We have increased the maximum texture size from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048 pixels, allowing for more detailed and efficient textures. This upgrade is perfect for creators looking to enhance the visual richness of their builds, clothing, and objects.

These updates are designed to help you create more realistic and visually stunning environments in Second Life. Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting, these tools offer new possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Dive into these new features today and transform your creations. For more details and to stay updated on all the latest advancements, visit the Second Life Community Blog.

Download Second Life to enjoy these three new features now.

Thanks for your continued creation of beautiful content in Second Life. We can't wait to see what you create with these exciting new tools.

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