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SL21B Town Halls & Community Roundtable - Submit your Questions!

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Are you ready to celebrate Second Life’s 21st birthday with us? The festivities begin on June 21st and will run through July 21st. 

During the celebrations, there will be a series of Town Hall events where you can meet the Lindens and Moles as well as our second Community Roundtable with Second Life Leadership – all held live at SL21B! Here’s your chance to meet and interact with executives from Second Life as we celebrate 21 years of Second Life! 

The founder of Second Life Philip Linden and Executive Chairman Oberwolf Linden will be among the participants, which also include many leading executives and team leads from Second Life’s Product, Engineering, and Product Operations departments.

Do you have questions you want to ask any teams or executives? Submit your questions at this link no later than June 20 to be considered for inclusion in the Q&A during these live events.

This year’s Birthday theme is Elements. This theme invites us to explore the fundamental components that make up our vast virtual landscape and the diverse communities within it. From the fiery passion of creators and artists to the fluid adaptability of our social environments, from the solid bonds within our communities to the fresh breezes of innovation that propel us forward, "Elements" is a celebration of the core forces that shape our experiences in Second Life.

Keep an eye on our blog and socials for all the announcements and teleport links next week!

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