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Sasy Scarborough : Hair Fair 2024 – Mirja Sigma AlaskaMetro James & Dew

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Hair Fair 2024 - Mirja Sigma AlaskaMetro James & Dew

"It sounds like a really high end law firm, or I am getting my Military Alphabet all messed up. Either way the talent involved is epic, such is the case of the whole assortment of creators that are part of this years Hair Fair 2024, which is now open. You can get more information on that HERE – only exclusives shown on the website, so much more to see at the event.. Hair Fair has now included previous releases as an option with the must have Exclusive item in the event. So this gives even more of a showcase of the talent of the creators participating, while you get to buy things you may not have seen in the past and also donate to Wigs for Kids as every purchase donates, previous and exclusive." Read more on the blog


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