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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 3/21/2015

Linden Lab



The Second Life Destination Guide is packed full of events and limited-time experiences. This week’s haul includes tidal flats, charity fashion worlds, hunts, and chat hangouts. Dive in to new experiences below!

Fashion for Life makes a triumphant return to Second Life! Come see nine regions of the hottest designers, gorgeous fashions, the best modeling agencies, and dazzling entertainment in support of American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Find that new avatar look while donating to a great cause.


Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life is part of the annual Relay for Life, in aid of the American Cancer Society. Come and see nine regions packed with the very best Second Life has to offer, the best designers, the top model agencies, the hottest trends, and the most amazing places you'll see! Fashion for Life runs from March 21st through the 29th.

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The Trace provides a new take on the whole beach scene. Perfect for photography and bloggers, enjoy bright sun, soothing water, and long, sandy tidal flats in this perfectly calming, sun-kissed region. 


The Trace

Come enjoy the quiet solitude of the Trace, no matter the season. The soothing beach provides paths, seaside sights, houses, props, and more. Come see serenity at it's best.

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Welcome to Rocket City, a fun and friendly furry community nestled in a fantastic forest. Flit and flutter through a fabulously famous land of foxes, fur, flowerbeds, friends, weekly events, and possibly even philosophy. This family-friendly region is, quite frankly, fun.


Rocket City

Rocket City is a fun and friendly PG furry community. This beautifully-wooded region offers weekly events, activities, or places to just relax and unwind. So what are you waiting for, come on in!

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Sparkys is an oddly whimsical, monochromatic region. This installation by Romy Nayar follows the story of a person living in a world of shadows and grey. This person has an idea, an idea he’s turned into an invention. A world-changing invention he calls “color.”


Sparkys by Romy Nayar

Welcome to Sparkys by Romy Nayar. The esteemed Doctor Nutty has discovered, thanks to the dear Sparkys, a substance that produces this new thing called "color." Join the residents as they experience the joy of this bright new substance.

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Every spring, Aero Pines throws an Easter-themed hunt to celebrate the holiday. The seventh annual Eggapalooza Spring Hunt covers four regions and offers hundreds of prizes. Start spring with a bang at Eggapalooza!


EggaPalooza Spring Hunt

It's Eggapalooza! The 7th Annual EggaPalooza Spring Hunt at Aero Pines Park spans 4 regions. Hike, bike, ride, or drive to find hundreds of gift eggs hidden in plain sight. Great fun for groups, families, explorers, and avid hunters. The event runs from March 1st through May 31st.

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If you have an event or region you’re particularly proud of, send it in and share it with Second Life. Or check out what your fellow Residents are up to over at the official Second Life Flickr page. See you inworld!



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