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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 2/07/2015

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Linden Lab


There’s no shortage of romantic places to explore in Second Life this Valentine’s season, but there’s also a whole host of intricate and interesting places to experience that are outside of the Valentine’s Day bubble.

Take a look below at a sample of what the Second Life Destination Guide has to offer.

Grab your snow gear and head over to Winter Wonderland - a 4-region event filled with ice-skating, snowboard and snowmobile racing, a snowball fighting arena, and much more. This special event is brought you by Linden Lab, and will be open for a limited time - so go enjoy the fun before the snow melts!


Winter Wonderland

Grab your snow gear and head on in to Linden Lab’s Winter Wonderland. For the past few months we’ve developed a four-region winter experience many different attractions. Wander through a cozy little snow village, a mesh race track for both snowmobiles and snowboards, rides, ice skating and even a killer snowball war zone. Get in there, choose your arsenal and conquer the castle with a furious fusillade of frigid, frozen fun!

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If you enjoy digging to the bottom of a juicy mystery, Buried might be the game for you. This geocaching-focused hunt tasks visitors with uncovering the truth about a famous writer’s unnerving disappearance. Prepare for twists, turns, thrills, and more as you delve deep into the world of Buried. 



Buried is a mystery game that takes the player into the world of geocaching. Solve the mysterious disappearance of the writer Lily Morano. With twists and turns aplenty, this is no small hunt. It's a full-on adventure where the player takes center stage.

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A quest-like hunt from the people at Green Rose Manor, the Eternal Love Quest challenges Residents to discover what eternal love really means. Keep your wits sharp, be brave, and leave no stone unturned in your search for Eternal Love. Successful hunters are generously rewarded with gifts from a unique range of creators.



Eternal Love Quest

Green Rose Manor's Eternal Love Quest is a strange and mysterious romantic quest about eternal love. Challenge yourself to to solve riddles and search for various items as you uncover the mystery of the Green Rose Manor. And once again, the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask, "Are you brave enough?"

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The SLGBT Alliance’s Spread the Love Expo is a great shopping event for a good cause. The SLGBT Alliance aims to to raise money in support of a variety of LGBT-focused charities. This Valentine’s Day, support all love.


Spread the Love Expo

Spread the Love February 1st through the 15th with the SLGBT Alliance! Shop for a good cause this Valentine's season as 25 incredible designers come together with new and exclusive donation items to help benefit the Human Rights Campaign.

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The Citta Bhavana Ashram is a heavily-forested area that celebrates all things that cultivate heart and mind. The citta averages ten events per week, including philosophy discussions, music theory, meditation, and more. Visit the Citta Bhavana Ashram for thought-provoking conversation or peaceful.


Citta Bhavana Ashram

The Citta Bhavana Ashram has a large community of philosophical and spiritual practitioners from various backgrounds and belief systems. Join them as they share their perspectives through open discussions, art, music, meditations, energy healings, poetry, storytelling, and various other activities. They have a friendly, compassionate community where everyone should feel safe and welcome.

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 If you’re looking to explore a fantasy-based environment, make time to explore the Elven Isle of Telrunya. Hidden nooks and crannies abound in this soothing forested realm. Mortals, fae, magic, mystique… Discover something otherworldly in Telrunya.


The Elven Isle of Telrunya

The Elven Isle of Telrunya is a quiet and natural place to explore, sit and talk with friends, and relax from a weary day. Explore the woodlands in search of elves and fairies. Explore the palace and its lush green hillsides and divine shrines. Don't let the elven word frighten you, for everyone is welcome at Telrunya. Escape to the forest, if only for a little while...

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With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, time’s running out to send in those last-minute romantic destinations and snapshots. You can even enter the Photo Booth Fun Contest for a chance to win some cool prizes. Don’t wait, get those comically-oversized props together and start posing today!

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