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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/30/2015

Linden Lab


It’s time again to take a look at all the new and exciting activities Second Life has to offer. From cool winter to steamy romance, spend the weekend exploring, dancing, and playing your way through the awesome experiences of the virtual world.

It’s here. It’s big, and it’s filled with powdery, frozen goodness. We’re proud to present Winter Wonderland, a four-region destination chock full of gifts and attractions. Explore cozy villages, rides, and more in this expansive shrine to winter fun. Premium users should also stop by the Premium Gift Kiosks for brand new, winter-themed gifts!


Winter Wonderland

Grab your snow gear and head on in to Linden Lab’s Winter Wonderland. For the past few months we’ve developed a four-region winter experience many different attractions. Wander through a cozy little snow village, a mesh race track for both snowmobiles and snowboards, rides, ice skating and even a killer snowball war zone. Get in there, choose your arsenal and conquer the castle with a furious fusillade of frigid, frozen fun!

Visit in Second Life

Every week, new submissions pour into the Destination Guide in a deluge of Resident-crafted activities, games, and locations. Here are some recent standouts we think you'll love exploring:

The Antiochia Scholarships Trust aims to help Middle-Eastern students without ready access to secondary education attend Canadian universities. Redemption Cathedral is their re-creation of the ancient city of Antiochia, complete with a variety of ancient architectural styles. Learn more about this great cause, visit Antiochia.


Redemption Cathedral, Antiochia

Antiochia is the Second Life campus of the Antiochia Scholarships Trust, a non-profit helping Middle East students attend Canadian universities. This destination re-creates Antiochia on the Orontes in 600 AD, combining Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine architecture. The centerpiece is the Redemption Cathedral, modeled after the Hagia Sophia. Visit http://apa.antiochiatrust.org to learn more.

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It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day in Second Life without fun seasonally appropriate hunts, and the Be My Valentine Hunt is no exception. This annual hunt takes place in the Botanica region, known for detailed gardens built with a quirky sense of humor. Do you have what it takes to win the aggressively cute prize? Find all the Valentine’s cards to see.


Be My Valentine Hunt

This Valentine's Day, make sure you visit Botanica's Be My Valentine Hunt. Come collect vintage Valentine cards hidden in scattered hearts throughout Botanica’s Botanical Gardens. Find all 15 hearts and win a cute lil' Luv Bug. Then take your friends out for a Valentine's spin on your favorite sim!

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Another wonderfully romantic spot - Valentine’s on Ice - is a region-wide event in the ever-popular Celebrities Hangout. Enjoy romantic scenery, live concerts, and great people, all under a dusting of rose petals and snow.


Valentine's on Ice

Celebrities Hangout presents Valentine's on Ice. Bring your special someone one and enjoy the many romantic spots. Plan a romantic dinner in one of their lakeside restaurants. Have fun with awesome concerts, paddle boats, snuggle-rose boats and the many winter activities. Come spend some quality time in this immersive and romantic winter experience.

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Aquarelle is a soothing island where everything is ever-so-slightly transparent. Wander through a place where ephemeral trees drive taproots into concrete-solid ponds, relax, or view paintings at the quaint gallery. After all the activities and hunts and active entertainment, it’s nice to be able to meander through something beautiful and minimalist.



Aquarelle is a landscape of lightness, softness and transparency in the colors of a watercolor. It is as if a painter invited you to jump into a painting, to bring life to the scene. Visit the beauty of the place alone, with friends or a lover and explore what is visible and what is not. Enjoy the serenity!

Visit in Second Life

For the last few weeks, Residents from all manner of virtual places have been sharing their destination submissions and images for romantic spots. Keep it up! Share that love with a special destination or the perfect Flickr image. You can even submit inworld snapshots for a chance to be featured in upcoming email and banner campaigns. ‘Til next time, see you at Winter Wonderland.


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