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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/9/2015

Linden Lab


Whether you’re looking for an exciting weekend of adventure or a few soothing days of relaxation, the Second Life Destination Guide is the place to plan your itinerary. Whether you’re looking for urban cities, pastel islands, charity builds or green flamingo bushes, all sorts of cool spots are just a click away.

A labor of love with more than two years of behind-the-scenes work, the City of Harrison is one of the most realistic builds around. This urban roleplay zone features incredible levels of detail, from working elevators to suspiciously-familiar price tags in shop interiors. If you’re interested in urban roleplay, City of Harrison is the place to visit.


City of Harrison

Are you looking for an incredibly realistic, detailed urban environment? The City of Harrison is arguably the pinnacle of realistic Second Life cities. Descriptions don't do this labor of love justice, you need to see it for yourself.

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Timeless Memories is a soothing place of pastel whites and blues, soft lights and sparkling water. A wonderful spot for romance and photography, the creators even invite you to share your photos on their flickr page. Soothe your cares away at Timeless Memories.


Timeless Memories

Without timeless memories, what would you carry with throughout life? At Timeless Memories, time slows, stopping just long enough to catch your breath in this infinite land. Take a few photos, meet a kind soul or just relax in the moment. Be sure to post pictures at: http://bit.ly/1x0mJc3.

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Discovery, Mark II, is a rebuild of a popular Second Life theme park and a look at what the future might look like (or at least the future as imagined by people in the fifties). Equal parts nostalgia and fun, put on those shiny future clothes, so grab a bag of astronaut ice cream and get your ticket for retro-futuristic wonder at Discovery!


Discovery, Mark II

Explore the world of tomorrow. Featuring rides, shows and more, you owe yourself a trip to Discovery Mark II!

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An art build to help raise money for disaster victims, ArtFest 4 features a continually evolving set where artists change the landscape as they see fit. Equal parts whimsical and intriguing, this ever-changing landscape is one that rewards multiple visits.


ArtFest 4

Welcome to ArtFest 4! ArtFest brings together caring artists from all over the world, building and displaying their work to raise money for the less fortunate. Watch the building, view the ever-changing art and landscape, talk to the artists, and vote for your favourites. Enjoy the atmosphere, but return often.

Visit in Second Life


Chicago in the Roaring Twenties was a place where rivers of bootleg booze flowed through underground speakeasies, gangsters swaggered around in pinstripes, and flappers showed scandalous amounts of leg. Chicago Empire Burlesque Theater hearkens back to that time, offering weekly live burlesque shows in a fun period setting. So stick a carnation in your lapel, grab the reddest lipstick you can find and head on down to Chicago Empire. 


Chicago Empire Burlesque Theater

Chicago Empire Burlesque is possibly the best live show in Second Life. Come see 1920's-style burlesque every Saturday night at 7:30. They're a bit naughty, so come see a real show with wonderful sets, live music, and dancing beyond belief.

Visit in Second Life


Have you made something you’re interested in sharing? Send a submission to the Second Life Destination guide! While you’re at it, why not send a few pictures to the official Second Life Flickr page?


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