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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/2/2015

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Linden Lab


Once again, the real and virtual worlds celebrated the completion of another year. Fancy glowing balls were dropped, fireworks lit, noisemakers noised and loved ones kissed with all due celebration. Now that the all the New Year’s debris is cleaned up, come see what’s happening at the Second Life Destination Guide! Look below for a small selection of the many favorites from 2014.


Is your ideal world one of crazy technology, mohawks and neon lights? Does William Gibson make you want to strap electrodes to your head and hack a megacorp? Make your avatar show your love with a trip to Clockers. Clockers might be small, but this store has sci-fi and cyberpunk items of incredible detail.




Welcome to Clockers. Clockers is a shop inspired by cyberpunk and the ongoing technological changes of the world. This small store has an amazing selection of incredibly high-quality items and accessories. Pay Clockers a visit, if you have the time, you're sure to enjoy it!

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When was the last time you dove beneath the waves? Turned a graceful pirouette in an underwater grotto? Raced manta rays through waving kelp forests? Mittandraland Mermaid Haven is an underwater paradise at the edge of a warm and sunny beach. Best part? You don’t even need a fin to enjoy it!



Mittandraland Mermaid Haven

Explore this Mermaid haven and natural park where anyone is welcome to swim around and enjoy the scenery and the many fascinating creatures that swim around freely. There's also a fishing game, rezzable water sport vehicles and other fun attractions.

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The gacha craze continues to get more and more popular, and few places embody the gacha craze like Gachatopia. Start with the thrill of a casino, add a little collecting urge/fun, then top things off with a 1950’s-inspired decor for a pretty good idea of what awaits visitors.




Gachatopia is the first region built exclusively for gacha. It has grown into the largest gacha community on the grid with year-round trading and events. This 1950's-styled location features original builds, shops and the Trailerpark Gacha Yardsale, running since 2012. Gachatopia is home to events like the Gacha Show, the Arcade Countdown and Tag! Gacha, a HUD-based gacha experience.

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Club Lucente is a huge and sprawling venue, perched on the water with four unique stages. A great place with DJ’s and all types of electronic music, get those lollipops ready and head over to Club Lucente!



Club Lucente

Club Lucente has been around since 2008, offering live DJ's, dancing, house, trance and more. With four wild stages, you can't go wrong at Club Lucente!

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Too often people seem to focus on the same tropical islands, dense forests and bright reefs. Rarely do we seek out all the other great little ecological wonders all around us. The Gulf of Lune is a highly-detailed and lovingly-crafted rendition of a salt marsh. Salt marshes might not sound fancy, but these important ecological niches are home to a huge variety of birds and a vital hatchery for fish. Not to mention all the cool little mini-islands and countless waterways.


Gulf of Lune

Second Life's climate spans the gamut from freezing wastelands to torrid sun, and the Gulf of Lune wet marsh is pleasantly nestled between those extremes. Escape to a simpler time, visit with the ducks and herons, and generally bliss out.

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All the greatest places in Second Life are user-created, so join the fun and make something amazing! If you’re running short of ideas, look for inspiration at the official Second Life Flickr page.

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