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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 12/28/2014

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Linden Lab


Now that the holiday rush is over, why not come on by the Second Life Destination Guide? There’re sure to be some winter destinations you missed, this might be your last chance to see some of the winter season’s builds, games and creations! 

Eggnog the Winger troll is a fun little hunt in one of the new Seamless Experience regions. Eggnog the Winter Troll also happens to be a cartoonish winter beast with special gifts for anyone who completes this great winter experience. Embrace the cel-shaded troll!


Eggnog the Winter Troll

Eggnog the Winter Troll has returned to Escapades Island to give a special gift to all in Second Life. Unfortunately, the Winter Engineer lost the four crystals that open the doorway to Eggnog's grotto. Help the Winter Engineer find all the crystals to meet the big, cuddly winter troll. This game is available to play until New Years.

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Another winter activity for you candy detectives out there, the Unico Candy Cane Hunt offers a mall decked with Christmas decorations and hidden candy canes. But what are the hidden candy canes hiding? You won’t find out unless you complete the hunt.


Unico Candy Cane Hunt

Visit Unico December 21st through the 30th for the Candy Cane Hunt! Candy canes are scattered throughout, some with prizes and others with anywhere from L$5 to L$200. Check back daily as the $L candy canes will replenish. Happy hunting and happy holidays!

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Are you passionate about science? Does physics literally float your boat? Take a trip down to Oddprofessor’s Science Center. Oddproffessor’s is a virtual physics lab currently used by Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, but everyone’s invited to come by and learn.



Oddprofessor's Science Center

Oddprofessor's Science Center is a virtual physics lab used by the students at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf over at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The center is open to the public; stop by and see!

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A glorious winter island built around a market and hunt, there are a few reasons for visiting Inspiration Point. The glowing pastel palette of blues and whites makes for wonderful photography spots, while the hunts offer a fun intellectual challenge. There’s even shopping, if you feel so inclined.



Inspiration Point

Go to Inspiration Point for the all new Christmas hunt and market experience! Discover the wonders of winter as you venture around the sim to find a market filled with holiday goods and over 20 new hunt prizes from Boogers, Kirin, Tee*fy, The secret store, Flowey, MishMish, Pizza's, Jim, Intrigue Co., Pilot and more!

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Most clubs are, quite simply, clubs. Large boxes with garish lights and loud speakers. Trancescending bucks that curve. Come to Trancescending for live DJ’s mixing in forested groves, around waterfalls and gorgeous gardens. Don’t lock your music in a box, enjoy it out in the world.




Trancescending brings the best in trance music with the best live-mixing DJs around. They aim to bring together nature and music with messages of humanity. They've got shows every Sunday from 4pm through midnight, spectacular three-day festivals every three months, and a beautifully chill garden. Come relax at Trancescending.

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Now that Christmas is over, what were your favorite places to visit? Share them with the grid. Or, instead of entire zones, share your holiday pictures at the official Second Life Flickr page.

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