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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 11/28/2014

Linden Lab



What are your plans for the weekend? Holiday recuperation for some parts of the world? General weekend fun and relaxation? Why not make some of what’s going on in the Second Life Destination Guide part of your plan? it’s an exciting place full of something for everyone - so take a look at a few of these something below!

How does your body language come across in Second Life? Flirty and playful, or more mysterious and brooding? !Bang offers a great selection of poses for just about every need. Boasting a freshly-remodeled store, maybe it’s time to find a new favorite silhouette.



!bang poses offers a high quality pose selection for couples and friends, as well as a wide variety of poses for models and photographers.

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Done Wiv’ a Twist is a seasonal garden that gets a fresh redesign with every change of the weather. If you’re looking for a soothing and well-designed place to wander through, Done Wiv’ a Twist is the place to visit.


Done Wiv' a Twist

Done Wiv a Twist is a photogenic place that changes every season. They welcome newcomers, photographers, bloggers, and people who just enjoy great scenery.

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Set in a futuristic build so smooth you can smell the burning chrome, Geeks n’ Nerds is a shopping event that celebrates anything and everything, well, geeky and nerdy. With over 100 designers showing off mesh creations, you’re sure to find something to make that nerd flag fly.


Geeks n' Nerds

Geeks n' Nerds is an annual fair that showcases some of the most popular things in the geek and nerd world. Some of the best original mesh designers are chosen to partake in this event, so there's guaranteed to be something for everyone. Geeks n' Nerds opens November 24th and runs until December 10th!

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What do you know about Queen Elizabeth and 16th century England? The House of Tudor is a recreation of the Oatlands Palace, just off the Thames river. Come here to learn about the history of this time of changes, or just enjoy the free period dress.


House of Tudor

In the dramatic background of the 16th century England, one woman holds the key to England’s most glorious empire: Elizabeth Tudor. The year is 1560. In a village north of the English county of Surrey lies Oatlands Palace. Overlooking the Thames River, Oatlands was built around the south western periphery of London by Henry VIII. Free period clothing is available for visitors at the main landing.

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The Fantasy Collective is a monthly shopping event with quite a few contributors. This intimate boutique is perfect for a quick peek and wander, whatever you’re looking for.


The Fantasy Collective

The Fantasy Collective is a premier monthly shopping event that opens every 20th at noon. Come enjoy this quaint boutique.

Visit in Second Life

Second Life wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without amazing user creations. So make something and share it on the Destination Guide! And don’t forget to take a look at what other’s are up to on the official Second Life Flickr page



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