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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 11/20/2014

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Linden Lab


When’s the last time you visited the Second Life Destination Guide? There’s always something new and interesting happening in Second Life, so come take a look!


In case you haven’t heard, there’s less than a week to go in the 2014 Toys for Tots Breedable Expo. Stop by for fun pets and great performers on two whole sims of charitable fun. You can’t really go wrong when all proceeds go to a good cause.  



2014 Toys for Tots & Breedable Expo

The Toys for Tots & Breedable's Expo will be kicked off by Amaretto & KittyCats Breedables on Nov 15th through Nov 23rd. Hosting two sims full of fun, the event will feature some of Second Life’s top breedables, non-breedables, and the grid's finest live performers. All proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots, visit www.sl-t4t.org for more info.

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Where do you go for electronica, looking for a new favorite place? Club Lucente boasts four well-designed stages, live DJs and a multitude of electronic genres.



Club Lucente

Club Lucente has been around since 2008, offering live DJ's, dancing, house, trance and more. With four wild stages, you can't go wrong at Club Lucente!

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2Lei is a week-long discussion community event chock full of ideas, art and more relating to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Share perspectives, join discussion groups or just enjoy the beauty of 2Lei.




2Lei brings people together once again to inaugurate a week of reflections, ideas, artistic and cultural stimuli over the common theme discussed at the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This is the fifth consecutive year for 2Lei in Second Life, so join them for this year's theme: rebirth.

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A recurring seasonal shopping bonanza, the Thrift Shop’s Winter Edition is an enormous warehouse stuffed with games, gachas and collections from a huge variety of brands and creators. Looking for your new favorite brand? Look no further.



The Thrift Shop Winter Edition

The Thrift Shop is a quarterly sales event that runs for 22 days. The focus of this event is to bring a large variety of designers together in one spot to present samples of their work at great prices. This edition is a full-sim event with sales tables, new releases, and gacha machines. Visit www.depravednation.com to learn more.

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Chaos, Kosmos is a complex installation representing the understanding of an even more complex idea. Is it possible to understand the origin of the cosmos through the artist’s interpretation of chaos?



Chaos, Kosmos

Chaos, Kosmos is the newest creation from artist Giovanna Cerise. See the artist create aesthetic meaning from formless matter, cosmogony regulated by quantum mechanics, order from chaos. Set to sunset or midnight to best appreciate the nuanced setting. For more information, be sure to visit http://giovannacerise.blogspot.com/.

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A seasonally fun hunt coinciding with Depraved Nation’s fifth anniversary, the Dirty Turkey Hunt features over 100 free shops, stops and prizes.


The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 runs from November 1st through the 30th, marking Depraved Events' fifth year on the grid! Over 100 stores are offering new, exclusive and free gifts to hunters who find the hidden hunt objects. Each store provides helpful hints and a full gallery will be listed on the website when the hunt opens. Make sure you join the Depraved Events group for helpful hints and chatter along the way.

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When was the last time you shared a creation with the rest of the grid? It’s surprisingly easy! And if you’re looking for new ideas, the official Second Life Flickr page is a wonderful starting point for ideas and inspiration.

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