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SL20B Lab Gab Live Events - Submit your Questions!

Linden Lab



Are you ready to celebrate Second Life’s 20th birthday with us? The festivities begin on June 22nd and will run through July 11th. 

During the celebrations, there will be a series of Lab Gab events, held live at SL20B, where you can meet the founder of Second Life, Philip Linden, and Executive Chairman, Oberwolf Linden - along with numerous other Lindens and Moles.

Here’s your chance to interact and hear directly from Linden Lab leadership as we celebrate the past, present, and future of Second Life! Do you have questions you want to ask? Submit your questions at this link no later than June 21 to be considered for inclusion in the Q&A during these Lab Gab events.

This year’s Birthday theme is Our Fantastic Future. The cornerstone of this idea is what we would define as eco-futurism including sustainability, a focus on our environment, and the next generation of our world. Some might call this science fiction, but what is science fiction except a dream for a possible future? In Second Life we build worlds. Our worlds, our way. 

Keep an eye on our blog and socials for all the announcements and teleport links next week!

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