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A New Generation of Second Life Mentors!

Linden Lab



To coincide with our 20th Birthday celebrations, we are excited to announce the introduction of a new generation of Second Life Mentors.

Second Life Mentors will be the first ripple in the pond of “Paying It Forward”. 

Paying it forward is an ancient concept but we are bringing it right up to date and beyond in our amazing Second Life Community and “Our Fantastic Future”!

There will be two teams of volunteer Mentors.
-The Second Life Mentors, welcoming and guiding New Residents arriving at the Welcome areas and helping with ongoing assistance. 

-The Bellisseria Mentors, introducing people to the many themes and choices of Linden Homes and assisting people to settle into their Community across the Bellisseria Continent.

We will welcome Mentors with all levels of knowledge and experience. The most important qualities will be patience, warmth, positivity, fun, and a focus on inclusion. Mentors will learn and develop new skills and information within our teams with ongoing skill-sharing, training, and Community development ideas to take forward and share with our wonderful fellow Residents.


O - Orienteering 
U - Universal 
R - Residents 

L - Learning with 
I -  Inspiration 
F - Fun and 
E - Enthusiasm 

There will be many benefits for Mentors; new friends, social events, and gifts but most of all succeeding in the challenge of developing meaningful connections, inspiring a positive Community, and dedicating ourselves to happy, healthy fun. 

Helping others feeds the soul!

If you would like to get involved in mentoring please click the link of your choice below to apply.

Application to be a Second Life Mentor
Application to be a Bellisseria Mentor

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