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Second Life Pic of the Day 08/29/2014

Linden Lab



Check out the Second Life Pic of the Day, "More Car Wash Fun" by Stiv Braven. Don't forget to check out Second Life on Tumblr, Facebook and Google Plus!


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This was taken 28 August 2014 at the Hot Bay City Nights car wash in North Channel. The annual event raises funds for http://www.childsplaycharity.org to help kids be kids. The late Ever Dreamscape organized the event in the past and would sometimes don her shark suit as part of the hijinks. A number of us got thinking of her yesterday then the shark suist just started appearing.

Thanks for a great pic, Stiv! In the foreground is Evola Courtois. In the background is Uccello Poultry.

The event continues through August 30th with the crowning of a new Miss Bay City. Read more about it at  http://poultryreport.blogspot.com/2014/08/hot-bay-city-nights-official.html

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Hello Goodday,


I am getting crazy with all the info about the skill games places. I am not from USA. I am  from Europe.  

So i noticed and read that i am permetted to go to the places.

 (THIS IS WHAT LINDEN LAB SAYS  ....."In order to enter a Skill Gaming Region, you must establish and maintain a Second (Life account with accurate, current and complete information about yourself, including a valid payment method"

I try SO many times to do that payment method in my billing information. on the dash board

I have my complete information but......The only thing that i cant do is the valid payment info. i try  the card i need to choose but its inot standing there. My bankingcard has a diff number than any of those card there.   I dont have any of those card standing there.

What  do i do......

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