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SLEA : Week at a Glance

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"Monday, March 27th - SLEA4: 8AM – 9AM SLT. Group Meditation with music

Tuesday, March 28th - SLEA1: SPEAK EASY TUESDAYS @ SLEA at 1:00pm  SLT
Join us at  Willow Bay Literary Park every Tuesday at 1:00pm SLT  to listen to guest speakers read their favorite poems, short tales, stories some original, some classic, some only just realized. The goal here is to bring in those who love to write and read providing them with a platform on which to share. All ideas and/or suggestions will be considered. 

Wednesday, March 29th - SLEA4: 12PM – 1PM SLT. Group Meditation with music 
Sky Galleries: 10PM -11PM SLT DJ Frank Atisso 

Thursday, March 30th - SLEA1: 8AM – 9AM SLT – Steve Who? @ The Street Artists Cafe"

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