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Hop Over to the Bunny Jam Music Event!

Courtney Linden


Time to get your bunny tail over to our all-day music festival! We’ve got a full line-up of DJs and live music performances from 6:00 a.m. SLT to 7:00 p.m. SLT today only. Read all about it here!
And while you’re there, be sure to check out the dozen winning eggs from the Bunny Jam egg decorating contest. Congratulations to the following Residents for their unique designs!
  • Egg hidden in a flower, by LadyKath Avon
  • Gift-wrapped chick, by Aria Meridoc
  • Spiked egg, by Fandango Rhapsody
  • Dozen eggs, by Maui Islander
  • Butterfly egg, by Raphaela Palmer
  • Chick pulling the egg, by Laura Liberty
  • Egg escape, by SimonLeo Roelofs
  • Waldo egg, by Griete Rasmuson
  • Cherry blossom egg, by Isis Berithos
  • Transparent egg in egg, by Wolfling Winterwolf
  • Steampunk egg, by Norbo Sands
  • Glow egg, by Ginger Lorakeet
We’ve tabulated the votes from the community for the #1 egg—drum roll, please! Congratulations to Aria Meridoc, who won the top L$10,000 prize!
Congratulations go out to our winners who found the L$5,000 prizes in our egg scavenger hunt as well:
  • Hayato Mikado
  • andy25crawford Ying
  • Eddie Hagoromo
  • Quant Genesis
  • alexan pintens
  • Miranda Menjou
  • Platina Arida
  • Capo Freenote
  • Nancy Gumbo
  • Tsuna Core
  • Asus Flow
  • ZoeGraystone1 Resident
We hope you all had a good time on the hunt!
Enjoy the music—and have a very happy spring in Second Life!


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