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Updates to Marketplace Search

Linden Lab


Last week we blogged about moving to an updated version of ElasticSearch, the application we use to do full-text searches on Marketplace. After successfully upgrading from 2.3 to 8.4 we have been closely monitoring usage and feedback from our merchants and Residents. This has led us to make a few tweaks to how our new search system works.   

In the coming days we will be changing the following:

  • A bug where featured listings are not being updated properly.
  • We have removed the 50-page cap on search results. Our statistics showed that few people look at higher-numbered pages. In addition, page load time is increased by loading more result pages into memory. But you have spoken, and we’re removing the cap.
  • A search string such as “blue shirt” will return results that contain both the term “blue” and “shirt” instead of including results that contain “blue” or “shirt.” This behavior is changed if you use advanced features such as quotes, boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), or asterisks. Make sure to check the tooltip next to the search field for help with boolean operators.

    For example:


    The above search term will now return results in the center of the diagram.

We hope these changes will improve everyone’s Marketplace experience while also enjoying the advantages of ElasticSearch. We continue to monitor how search performs for everyone. If you find that after these changes, Marketplace search still isn’t working the way you’d expect, please let us know! We value everyone’s thoughts and we thank you for your patience as we continue to make search better. 

Happy shopping and selling!

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