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Share Your Favorite Second Life Locations with The Guardian

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Linden Lab


As a follow-up to a recent article about virtual cities, The Guardian has kicked off a call for readers to submit their own favorite virtual places. In their words:

We want to hear about your best-loved virtual places – from a beautiful view in GTA V to that 20-million-strong SimCity megalopolis you've been building (or possibly destroying). What would be the best video game cities to live in? The worst? Perhaps you've designed one you think would be better than your own city? Share your screengrabs and we'll feature the best on Guardian Cities.

This is a great chance to share some amazing Second Life locations with The Guardian’s readers. Whether it’s a place you created personally, discovered (maybe through the Destination Guide?) and love, or just a spot you always find yourself returning to, the Second Life locations that ‘wow’ you are great ones to share to help show off Second Life to the uninitiated.

You can submit your favorite Second Life location to The Guardian at this link. Be sure to let us know about them in this forum thread and submit them to the Destination Guide if they’re not already there. We’d love to check them out and share them with the rest of the community.

Thanks to Jo Yardley, whose 1920’s Berlin Project already appears a few times in The Guardian’s favorites list, for spotting this opportunity!


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