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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 5/09/2014

Linden Lab



Now that April’s showers made way for May’s flowers, come see what new and exciting places and events sprouted in the Destination Guide. Much like last time, we’ve scoured submissions to bring you dark urban roleplay, steampunk art galleries and walks, futuristic sci-fi, and a whole lot more. So what are you waiting for, come visit!

Don’t forget to share your creations. We love seeing what you come up with next!



Hollow Woods

Hollow Woods is a modern supernatural-horror experience that caters towards creative, paragraph-style roleplay. The game is based within the small island town of Hollow Woods, where unexplained events and a shady government-funded corporation are at the forefront of all those bumps in the night. Explore Hollow Woods and the rest of the island as it unfolds with real time events.

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Extension Centennial Celebration

Cooperative Extension represents universities in all 50 states improving lives by bringing applied research to help farms, homes, and communities. Cooperative Extension observes its 100th birthday this month with celebrations around the USA and also in Second Life, where it began creating virtual learning environments in 2007. Come and wish Extension a happy birthday!

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The Steampunk Gallery Opening Party

Come see the Steampunk exhibit in the Skywalk Gallery opening party in the Station. The Station is a highly detailed, fun-filled sim featuring ten well-known bloggers and artists. DJ Kate will spin the tunes while everyone dances and strolls the gallery halls enjoying steampunk sites, sounds, and activities.

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Botany Bay

Botany Bay is a unique multi-genere Sci-Fi roleplaying sim. With a unique, inclusive backstory and lore, this sim is friendly to many different types of Sci-Fi roleplayers. With no meter requirement and flexible play styles, the staff work to make everyone feel welcome, new or seasoned. Rental and space available.

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Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014

The Raglan Shire's 2014 ArtWalk opens Sunday May 4th, and displays the works of over 100 artists on four enormous outdoor sims. Artists grid-wide converge to exhibit their photography, art and sculpture in this annual arts festival, hosted by the Raglan Shire through May 25th.

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Punto de Encuentro

Punto de Encuentro es un lugar de reunion, para hablar, jugar a juegos de mesa, escuchar musica y todo lo que se nos ocurra, !bienvenido a nuestra familia!.

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