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Second Life Destinations - Butter

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Start your 2023 by enjoying the sea breeze at Butter in Second Life, a rustic little seaside town where you can relax on the beach or add some adventure to the new year by going camping, hiking, or more!

Owner of Butter, Mona Molinaxil, shares her motivation for creating it:

“My motivation for Butter is watching other people's creations and then feeling an urge to actually create something myself.

I started adding all the things I like in the region first: Food, puppies, coffee, good music, dances, clutter, and rustic buildings. All with a bit of quirk to it. 

Butter is by no means a finished project. Things are always changing. New items are added, and areas that I get tired of or don’t like are changed. Being limited by LI limits forces some choices to be made. And that is not a bad thing, really.

If you want something new, you might have to remove something old. 

Currently, a part of the region is closed off for construction. One day it will be and it will be open to the public again.

I did not want private homes or rentals on Butter, because one of the most annoying things I know when exploring SL is to run into ban lines and being kicked out by security systems. I wanted furnished and decorated houses where people could hang out and explore without feeling like they are trespassing.

And by the way: visitors can change the music stream and group members can rez their photo props.

Basically, Butter is made to be a place where I would like to hang out myself. I just hope other people like it too.”

When asked what Second Life means to her, Mona says:

“I have been in SL for many many years. I did leave at some point but came back (Who was I kidding? I have made great friends and I have always been creating something.)

I want my SL to be relaxing and fun, not a chore. SL is where I can escape, relax and do some low-key socializing when I have free time, like going to live concerts or special events around the grid.

With a full-time job, I have never had the time and energy to learn how to make my own mesh but creativity is one of the big perks in SL for me. And I can still be very creative by designing regions like Butter.

Both the opportunity to create something of my own and watching other people create things, and getting inspired by them, that is what SL means to me.

There is something for everyone out there.”

The start of a new year is a time of new beginnings, so why not take some time to check out Butter in Second Life?

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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