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Second Life Destinations - Winter 2022

Linden Lab


Bundle up and explore the many winter destinations filled with snowy surprises this holiday season in Second Life! 

We’ve featured a handful of beautiful winter destinations in this video, but you’ll also find close to 100 more in the Winter Attractions category on the Second Life Destination

Here is more information about the destinations featured from the creators themselves: 

Forever Winter
The creator of Forever Winter, Hailey Ayashi, shares the reason for her creation: 
“Designing and decorating has always been a passion of mine which sparked the idea to start creating themed sims. Around November I thought of creating Forever Winter as my first project. I wanted to have plenty of picture spots along with activities that can be enjoyed with friends. This whole experience has given me such great appreciation for all those who take time to create wonderful spaces for everyone to enjoy.”


Winter Wonderland at Lam
Winter Wonderland at Lam was created as a safe place by Clair Wolf Takeda
“In Real Life I care for my daughter and autistic son. He has his own world. In Second Life I found mine. What a place to refill the energy that I need for my family and spend time with friends without needing to leave home. This year my dream to create a magical spot where other people can find a safe and positive place came true. Me and my friend Eddie Takeda rented a space and until the 16th of January 2023. We are here to share the Christmas spirit.”


8th Annual Christkindl Market & Advent Calendar
This is the 8th year that Dina and Didi LaVega have created a nostalgic space: 
“We are from Germany and started our Second Life in 2013. We had always missed a traditional German Christmas market in-world: The unique flair of the decoration, the lights, and the special food, so we started to build our own items and share them. This is now the 8th annual Christkindl Market. Our Advent Calendar features a brand new build every day and you have to collect all 24 parts to complete.”


Snowy Monverdun
Yoyo Collas created a peaceful place for all Residents this holiday season: 
“Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I like to build, so I decided to build my own version of winter. I have built this winter landscape so that people can enjoy it during the Christmas season as a peaceful place where they can forget the problems of Real Life, even if just  for a brief moment.”


Winter Love Valley
Evely Heartsong brings her artistic talents to her Second Life building adventures: 
“Winter Love Valley all began with my own venue as an SL musician and performer. I had built The Blues Rock Cafe back in 2017, and every winter season I added a special seasonal setting. Then in 2020 I went bigger, focusing on the winter theme, and noticed that when I was finishing the sim, more people than usual were at the sim. It felt like opening up a theme park. I am an artist in Real Life as well, I draw, paint and do photography, so I love to share the feeling you get from walking in the snow with the colors and the lights and in SL have added some extra magical feelings to it with special effects.”

Snowy Peaks
Red sends an invitation to all for some winter activities at Snowy Peaks: 
“I like Second Life as a getaway from my own. I can live out what I can't IRL. There's a lot of people I have met on SL, and we talk and hang out, and for this season I welcome them to Snowy Peaks, a winter-themed Christmas experience. You can ride with Santa on his sleigh to our dining and dancing location, or make a stop at his house. You can mingle with his elves, or maybe take a spin on the ice skating rink. You will probably find me by the cozy fire, chatting with my friends. Come join us.”


Grab a sweater, and perhaps some mittens, and head on over for some snowy fun!

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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