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Congrats Kimbra, it's a very cute picture! I love the windlight settings and the depth of field you used here. I know, how hard it is to take a good portrait picture of an avatar without a lot of post-processing and editing.

Btw - i love the glasses - i think, i have the same :-)


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A very up-to-date and pleasant looking avatar, like a fresh-faced student arriving in college (the geek glasses are fabulous).

Congratulations on being chosen for SL Flickr photo of the day. Well deserved.

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Thinks some people need to remember if they don't have anything nice to say, they shouldn't say anything at all. Jealous much there PanChan?

Congrats to my bestie on pic of the day. I love how unique your avatar is and I know how much work you put into making sure your pictures look pretty. <3

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