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“Dash Deal” Test Program Opportunity for SL Marketplace Merchants

Brooke Linden


Shoppers love a deal. And when it’s a deal with a deadline, it’s almost impossible to resist.

Now we’re offering a new program to help Merchants deliver great deals on Marketplace in a way that’s quicker and easier for shoppers—and who doesn’t love that? The “Dash Deal” test program will enable Merchants to attract new customers and for shoppers to score deep discounts on one selected item from the best virtual goods on the Marketplace.

Scheduled to launch in April, the “Dash Deal” test program aims to make good deals easier to find and boost visibility for our Marketplace Merchants. Marketplace Merchants interested in participating in the program should apply here.

How does the program work?
Starting in April, a single new “Dash Deal” will be selected one day of each week and promoted at a deep discount of at least 50% off and available for only 24 hours. Linden Lab will promote each Dash Deal to the general Resident population, increasing awareness of both the Merchant and Marketplace.

How will Linden Lab promote the Dash Deal program?
Linden Lab will be employing a complete marketing campaign to drive traffic to a single Dash Deal on Marketplace one time each week during the test period, including: direct email to active users, Twitter, and Facebook.

How will giving a discount help Merchants’ business?
By discounting your item for 24 hours, you will attract the attention of deal-minded shoppers who otherwise might never have noticed your store. It’s a great way to build brand recognition with new customers, giving them a chance to experience your high-quality items and encouraging some to come back for future purchases.

What are the benefits of participating in the program?
  • Marketing support from Linden Lab
  • Boost in sales for the Dash Deal item
  • Increased visibility for your Marketplace content
  • Enhanced brand recognition for your store among shoppers
Where are the program rules and requirements?
More about the criteria, rules, deadlines, and legal fine print can be found here. Keep in mind that this is a test program, so these rules are subject to change—particularly if the test is successful, and we move forward with the program in the future. We will also be soliciting feedback through a survey after the test is complete, so you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with us.

We look forward to promoting our Merchants through this test.


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