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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/21/2014

Linden Lab


February is just around the corner - and it’s never too soon to start planning for Valentine’s Day. For most of us the holiday is a blend of bitter weather and sweet romance, and at the Destination Guide we aren’t immune to Cupid’s arrows, so here’s a few places to share with that special someone.  

Since romance means many things to many people, we figured we’d give you selections from our Romantic Spots category. Look below for secluded love nests, forested venues, waterfalls, boat rides and more. And if you’re feeling the pangs of an unrequited love, we’ve even got a dating game just for you.

Your creative vision really lights our fire, so come on and share those labors of love.

Here are a few spots to spark your Valentine's Day planning.


Jasmine's Hollow

Jasmine's Hollow is an Adirondack steampunk haven that's great for friends, romance, photography or just relaxing. Secluded cabins are tucked along the forest and waterfall-fed lake. Why not row and cuddle in a romantic boat while you look for the hidden cave? Or discover the crash site below the Dirty Grind. Discover all of this venue's many surprises!

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Disembark from the nearby ship and immerse yourself in this romantic, secluded spot hidden deep on the grid of Second Life. Could this be Eden?

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Whispering Winds

Welcome to the retreat called Whispering Winds. Home to three performance venues, a redwood forest, caves to explore, and many romantic spots. Use the provided teleport posts or explore on your own!

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Dream Scene

Dream Scene lets you and a loved one design a special fantasy evening. Choose from one of the many romantic themes — there's everything from a Roman bath to a space cave — then, sit back and let the floating bubble whisk you off on a magical getaway.

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Date My Avi

Date My Avi is the hottest singles service (and the only grid-wide system) in and out of Second Life with a fully functional theater, club and more. So come enjoy in-world or at DateMyAvi.com!

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Thanks for nothing Linden Lab, ya feature the romance catagory, but I went to check the catagory in full today and find that my place has been completley removed for no reason...

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OH MY GOSH!!! I want to say a HUGE T H A N K  Y O U to LL and those in charge of this post for choosing my sim, Jasmine's Hollow, for this! I just found this post. Jasmine's Hollow and The Dirty Grind sim is my first sim. We will be celebrating our first year in several months. I am so very honoured to be listed among veteran builders and designers of SL, including two of my heros, see [leroy] sim and Dream Scene.


Thank you again!  



Lisa Witt (Jasmine0Alaya Resident)

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