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New Year- New You Contest & Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - 1/9/2014

Linden Lab


What better way to start out the new year than with a contest? The New Year, New You contest is a great way to show off that new hairstyle, avatar, or anything you did in 2013. With a chance to win L$10,000 and show off your new look, what’s not to love?

You’ll need a proper background to show off that new avatar, so we decided to share a few of our favorite photography spots. Look below for a Victorian snail of blown glass and bronze, a floating miniature universe, mysterious dark forests and a mystical underwater realm. Your avatar is a reflection of your self, give it the setting it deserves.

If you’ve created a particularly photogenic spot, why not share it with us? We always enjoy seeing what you come up with next!


Sleepy Snail

Rebeca Bashly's Sleepy Snail is a fantasy spreading through a full sim that offers a sensational feeling of the purest beauty through delicate craftsmanship.

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Inspire Space Park

Meditate in the cosmos. Orbit in an ambient galaxy around the planets to down-tempo music. Relax in the stars and give the universe a great big hug!

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Sparrow Song

Sparrow Song is an intricately designed, snow-dusted fantasy realm. Wander through this glowing realm of ice sculptures, mysterious forests, delicate castles and ancient mysteries. Something magnificent waits around every corner at Sparrow Song.

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Da Vinci Gardens

Romance, mysticism, and adventure await within the varied landscape of this area. Explore outer space, sea life, or just relax in the lush gardens among the Roman, Greek, and Renaissance architecture.

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Bentham Forest

Wander and explore the dark, foreboding landscape that is Bentham Forest. Explore and discover the secrets of this vast haunted forest.

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