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Wrestling Made in Second Life - Valiant Wrestling

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Valiant Wrestling is a Second Life based furry wrestling federation that brings high octane live action wrestling to the grid every Wednesday.

Co-founded by CEOs Dylan Mattel and Charlie Covfefe, Valiant Wrestling offers plenty of fun and excitement at their weekly live events as well as a great community for longtime wrestling fans. Residents looking for a way to live out their wrestling fantasies in the safety of an online community, can find this form of wrestling roleplay both rewarding and interesting. CEO Charlie says, “I have a slight heart issue so I can not pursue a wrestling career IRL. But here in SL I can live out my dream!”

With over 20 furry wrestlers currently active in the federation, the fights include ring announcers, referees, and sometimes even agents that play a part in the proceedings. It is a fully immersive roleplay experience!

This whole endeavor is a team effort with photography, branding and public relations made possible by Ring of Fire Productions

Says Helios Eusebio, who creates all the custom posters and graphics: “We need new posters every week and new graphics whenever there's the possibility of a title change or new contender. And when you average 100+ photos of all the matches, that adds up to quite a bit!” 

The wrestling choreography is directed by a sophisticated HUD system, made by Team Wildfire with Kenia la Gatita Escarlata at the helm. And the colorful merch (nail extension for special furry paws, hats, shirts, banners and posters, ringside gestures, ice cream bars) is made by, among others, Lyra Phoenix, Revel McLochlan and Paradox H. Fade, and can be purchased on location. 

See a lot more of the action on their YouTube channel and Twitter and grab that teleport on Wednesday at 6pm SLT to be present at their next show!

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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