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For fans of virtual pets and breedables in Second Life, meet Daemon Blackflag, co-owner of Kreatures, a game that's fun, social, and open-ended in which players can design and trade their own pets.

Known as a “Jack of all trades” Daemon is a long-time Resident of Second Life and has been involved with breedables for over a decade. Starting his journey as an average breeder of other creator’s brands, he has now co-founded several breedable ventures of his own and created many breedable HUDs and services. 

With a lot of fanfare and assistance from his team, Daemon launched Fennux in 2012. The Fawns was their next launch into the breedables market in 2017, and now in 2022 they have added Kreatures to their collection of breedable pet games. The small team around Daemon will continue to release content for Fennux, Fawns and Kreatures, with big plans for Kreatures in the near future, including a Battle System which they expect even non-breeders to be interested in.

When asked what he’s learned from his journey into the breedable world, Daemon shares “I learned that the breedable games we create are points of interest on the SL grid. Users will be making new social connections. Each breedable creates a sizable community that users take with them even years after a breedable has died down in popularity.”

What has he learned from the Residents that enjoy breedable games? “The breeders have taught me many things as well, like what kind of quality of life improvements would help them in their day to day breedings. We take in that feedback and push out a more refined product because of it. We still take risks with new feature ideas - but we usually know what will and won't work in this space.”

If you’re a breeder that likes variety in their breedables, Kreatures offers three different animals to breed, and options for you to intermix between the different species. Who wouldn’t want a Tiger Bear or Polar Lion? 

What does Second Life mean to Daemon? “To me Second Life is a platform for creativity in the entrepreneur space. I can come up with an idea, build it with my associates and then test it out live in front of thousands of users. Within hours I can usually tell if it's going to be a hit or if it's back to the drawing board.

SL has enabled me to have tens of thousands of different people using my products. There are not many platforms that I can show up to, use real-world marketing strategies, and start learning if I'm failing or succeeding. SL also has a reliable way to turn virtual currency into USD, and they aren't taking 30-50% like some other platforms. 

Overall, SL is a great way for me to be a successful business entrepreneur without all of the real world headaches.”

Take your plunge into this creative breedable game and create your own unique species today!

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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