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Support the Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief with Linden Dollars

Kim Linden



Our thoughts today are with all of those who are suffering in the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Japan and the tsunami in the Pacific. We encourage all Second Life Residents to support the relief efforts however they can, and we would like to help.
We have created two special Linden Bears--one that is wearable and one that sits--which are now for sale in the Marketplace at several pricing levels: L$300, L$1,000 and L$3,000. Here’s the direct link to purchase them. We will donate all proceeds from sales of this bear to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross. 
Please help us to support the relief efforts - buy the bears, and help spread the word in Second Life.
Additionally, we know that independent groups in Second Life are also planning to support relief efforts. For example, Radar Magazine in Second Life will be holding a month-long event and are seeking designers to donate virtual items (see this article for details). If your group is planning an inworld relief effort, then please share it in the comments here.

Thank you,



UPDATE -- April 14, 2011: Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign! In total, this doation drive raised more than L$8.3 million.

The special-edition Linden bears are no longer for sale, but you can of course contribute directly to the charity of your choice and participate in the numerous efforts to support Japan in Second Life organized by fellow Residents. (If your group is planning an inworld relief effort, then please do share it with us in the comments here.)



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Undertaker Stables in conjuction with Greymoon StableS are taking up donations for the Tsunami relief:

**Tsunami Relief Disaster Fund at Greymoon StableS**

We have donation jars rezzed out that show our main goal to reach for Linden to be able to cash out and make a sizable donation to the disaster relief in Japan.

We will be donating to the Red-Cross as a direct payment after cashing the linden out, then we will post the transaction history on Goggle Documents for all the group members to be able to see their hard and generous donations first hand. This way you know your money is going to the place we say it is.

Here at Greymoon Stables we encourage a family atmosphere, and families pull together and help each other out in times of need. And that is what we are here for Guys, so please be sure to swing by, and plop a little linden in the donation jars. (even if it's only 1L every little bit helps) we will keep the donations jars out till we reach our goal, and every time one of the jars reaches it's goal, we will post another document for you all to download and/or view there on google documents.

For those of you, who wish to stop by and make a donation, the landmarks are included below:


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Hi folks my name is kevin anderson. I have no lindens to give, but I do have a very big heart and I know if I experienced what Japan has now I would be in shock to. And If anything i support charities, so even though I'm from Iowa here's to Japan wishing them a swell recovery and hoping they get back on their feet in no time.

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as  a friend of many Japanese people, i will perform until my fingers are raw and my throat is gone... i pray for japan, I play for Japan

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I just held a Charity Fashion Show, and had a Donation box set up. Between the Donation Box and sales, L$3200 was raised. The funds raised were paid directly to Donation Linden.

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For the People of Japan.  Gather with us tonight at the Affirmation Project in Historic Provincetown as we join the world in support of the people of Japan.

All proceeds from tonights performance will be contributed to Donation Linden.

私達はあなたとある Godspeed.
6:00pm -until- 8:00pm SLT.  The Affirmation Project - Provincetown.
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I bought a bear & placed it in my shop next to an object that dispenses a link to the SL Marketplace site for the bear.

One problem I noted with the bear is that is Copy/ Transfer, so it's possible for people to sell it, pretending to raise relief money, while actually keeping for themselves.

I would also like a donation box ( 1prim) that can direct donations directly to this charity, rather than having to rez a primmy bear in my shop with a limited prims allowance? Is there somewhere I can get a donation box for this? Would I have to buy one & set it for payments to go to Donations Linden?

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this is what i hate  ! i went to the place of ShawneeMarie at Ambient Roses and wanna make a donate . then i read that only 80% go to the donate . WHAT A SHAME !!!

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Great idea Kim and thanks for all SL residents from Japan.

I thought if Linden create a avatar who accept donation for Japan Earth quake.
Then many people can send donation directory or pit script in to vendor.
Or you create vendor to provide us.
Please consider that.

In Yan from Japan

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The bears on the marketplace for the Japan Relief Fund, I think they (LL) should make an vendor for 0L to buy, so people can place it in there stores inworld, so people can buy the bears there. All the money would still go to Donation Linden. Hopefully they make a vendor.

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You can make a vendor by yourself Easten West . you must buy a bear , put a transparent box over it and put a split script in it and the bear. set the split script to 100% to Donation Linden ( KEY : 2a49a617-49c1-4f6a-902d-4adb79a8da08 ) and sale it . so the full money goes to Donation Linden , too.

I had one on my mall and one in my club , and i hope i can send many donations for helping !


BUT PLEASE SET THE SPLIT TO 100 % FOR DONATION LINDEN ! It is a shame that people want to make profit for themselves with it !!!!

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Is there any way to find out who is holding events for Japan Relief?  I am getting my bear, but I DJ and if anyone is holding an event to benefit Japan relief, I'm available.


God bless Japan!

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Bought mine, and it makes a great gift to so buy a dozen!! :D   It is such a simple way to help others and let them know we care.

My thoughts and prayers for everyone there

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Snake Daxter said:

"You can make a vendor by yourself Easten West . you must buy a bear , put a transparent box over it and put a split script in it and the bear. set the split script to 100% to Donation Linden ( KEY : 2a49a617-49c1-4f6a-902d-4adb79a8da08 ) and sale it . so the full money goes to Donation Linden , too."

If you Search  SL Marketplace for "Donation Box"  & select Low to High, there is a free box of scripts that includes a donation script. You can't change any settings on the Bear, since it is No Modify, but you can put an invisable prim over it & turn that into a donation box with a script. You could also take a pic of the bear & put it on the outside of a donation box. I was planning to use a pic of the Japanese flag on my donation box.



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Is there any way to create Bears or Boxes that let you donate 100 percent to the Red Cross at events?

People are leery of fundraisers in SL and OFFICIAL LINDEN RED CROSS donation boxes would be a very good thing.

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This is horribly callous of me to say, but I dont see a reason to be praising the Lindens here.  If all they are doing is donating the funds that residents pay for the bears, how are the Lindens helping?  The way I see it they are profiting from this.  They collect fees when residents are exchange dollars for Ls.  The residents donate those Ls in good faith to this incredible cause; that is of course after the Lindens have taken their cut.  I realize the Lindens intentions may have been good here, I just think that it may actually require a little more on their part than primsmithing 5 or 8 prims together.  The total effort constructing the bears had to have been no more than five minutes.  How about the Lindens match the funds donated by the residents?  If there is no other gesture from the Lindens, your and my dollars are be better spent with the Red Cross directly.  Just follow the link Kim Linden provided in the blog entry.

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Nice idea, Vernon, and you may find Linden will be matching or doing something similar.

As for me...I will be buying three, one for me and one each for my avis.

Japan came to our aid when my state was flooded and then again when the cyclone hit. They sent teams to New Zealand after the Christchurch quake so the least I can do is buy a few cute bears and donater where I can in RL... these people helped us now its time for us to give something back


Sighs..... Mother Earth really has it in for the Southern Hemisphere... wonder who the hell annoyed her sooo bad

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We  Funding and help selling bears fore japan , World wil weep we to , is it an idea someone can help  make something in places .

to  burn candles,  make some altar with our names to them low price so moore pople will  do i, if some do make a link on side  we help you. We miss contacts is there a list already someone now.


good action linden and fast.Thx Nosuke Vallerian Dawn, Lewtex Faith, mrsFaith Silverfall

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I have gotten multiple delivery errors sending bears to others.

Can someone please fix this so that I can send more bears?  Thank you!

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