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Keep Your Account Secure - Never Reuse Passwords

Linden Lab


A recent security breach at Adobe gave hackers access to private information for users of Adobe sites and services. This included Adobe passwords, email addresses, and password hints. Second Life has not been compromised, but, this is a good reminder that it’s important to never use the same password for Second Life that you use elsewhere.

If you have reused your Second Life password on other services, particularly if you used it for an Adobe service, you should change it immediately.

After every large breach, fraudsters search for users who reuse their passwords on other sites, so if you use the same password for Second Life and other services, your Second Life account could be at risk if one of those other services suffers a security breach.

You can easily change your Second Life password by following this link, and for more info, check out this Knowledge Base article on Passwords and Account Information.


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