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Second Life Destinations - Citadel

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Ready for adventure? The Citadel in Second Life offers roleplay and SciFi enthusiasts a place to call home.

Citadel, the Legion Chronicles, has gone through many transformations since 2009, but at the heart has always been a role-play destination for lovers of science fiction. 

Aywin Dragonblood started off her metaverse journey on the teen grid in Second Life, learning how to dabble in the art of roleplay. Moving on to the adult grid, she taught herself how to build with prims, mesh, script, texture, and also design websites, all by getting tips from friends in Second Life and tinkering with things on her own. 

Adding writing to her many talents, Aywin shares “The Citadel that exists today uses lore I spent 9 years writing. It started on a piece of paper, then a notebook, then a computer. Creating the story of a vast galaxy that had fallen into chaos, then rebuilt itself into this scattered and vastly different galaxy in which each world had to adapt on its own, was a lot of fun.”

As to why Aywin created the Citadel, she says “I wanted a place that is a fun, inviting place to roleplay. A place where we all worked together for our passion of SciFi. I wanted The Citadel to operate like a small mom and pop business. I or my admins greet each person when we can and work with newcomers one on one if needed.” 

Encouraging participants to use the destination to host events, shows, concerts, parties, businesses, and more, Aywin has created an engaging community worth joining. 

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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