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Three Girls in SL : Peak Lounge – Pushing it to the limit

Strawberry Linden


Three Girls in SL - 2.jpg

"Just to put a preface on this…myself (Lia) and Fenny grew up at a time when EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was still in the throes of the “Great Split”. Late 80’s through the 90’s the original techno and dance scene was splintering into all sorts of different styles of house, dance and club and myself and fenny followed a lot of those branches into what today is all lumped into the heading of “EDM”. So, as you can expect, knowing the full history of EDM going back to the time of the late 80’s into the splintering of the 90’s we can both become the “Statler and Waldorf” muppets when it comes to reviewing a general EDM club." Read more on the blog.


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