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Welcome to the New Second Life Community Platform

Vogt Linden


Today, we are pleased to launch the new, and much improved, Second Life Community website. The new platform integrates Blogs, Forums, Answers, and the Knowledge Base into one powerful integrated system that enables you to more efficiently leverage the power and knowledge of the community. We have also redesigned the Customer Support Portal around this platform to make it easy to find the most relevant answers to your technical support and customer service questions online or to contact us when your issues are more complex.
Take a look at this video to get an overview of the many benefits that the new platform offers.

In addition to the video, we also wanted to share some helpful information and anticipate a few of your questions:

  • Unified Search: You can find the information that you’re looking for in one federated search field that returns organized results from relevant content in the Forums, Blogs, Answers, and the Knowledge Base.
  • Single Sign On: You do not need to be logged in to read the community content, but you do need to be logged in to contribute. Just use your normal Second Life username and password to login. 
  • Share Blog Posts and Knowledge Base Articles: If you find an interesting blog post or Knowledge Base article, then you can now share that information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Other kinds of content, such as user-generated comments, Forum posts, etc., will not have this functionality available.
  • Contribution-Based Roles: You will notice that each person in Second Life has a role, or rank, based on his or her contributions to the platform. The roles start at Resident and go up to Helper and with each rank comes more capabilities. So, keep those contributions coming and watch your community platform ranking rise.
  • A Smarter SL Answers: Try out the new Answers section. You’ll immediately notice that when you type a keyword, an intuitive category search will return common matching solution results. And, solutions accepted by the question author are automatically nominated for Linden editorial review and possible inclusion in the Knowledge Base.
  • Please Resubscribe to RSS Feeds: If you had an RSS feed on the old blogs or forums, then you will need to resubscribe to the RSS feeds that interest you in the new system. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • FAQs Help You Get Acclimated: We have created a detailed Frequently Asked Questions area for each section of the new system that will get you up and running in no time.
  • Yes, Archives Are Still Available: We preloaded Answered questions, Blogs, Forums, and the Knowledge Base with recent posts and/or solutions to get the conversations started. However, if you want to find older content that was available in the old platform, then you can still access it through search in read-only format.

Thanks for your patience as we transitioned to the new system. Start exploring, contributing, and let us know what you think. As is always the case with new systems, you may run into bugs. If you do, then log them on JIRA. And, if you have general feedback on the community platform, then share it with is in the Feedback section of the Forums.







Recommended Comments

These new forums do have a lot of good things I like already over the old forums (not that it was hard to beat the buggy, disconnected, confusing, slow older forums).

But I do hope the LL Team starts working on the bugs / limitations of this new community forums.  The ones I have noticed so far:

1.   The single sign-on does not work.  If I am logged into these forums and i click to the main www.secondlife.com webpage - I need to re login.

2.   The forums spell checker is as smart as a bag of hammers.  It pretty much thinks every other word is incorrect.  As much as I could use a good spell checker - this one is simply unuseable.

3.   Making a posting reply to another posting in a thread - no one can tell who the person is replying to.  REPLY POSTS need to show who the posting is replying to.

Hope these will be worked on

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I like this new platform very much. The new blogs and forum look really great. And the video tutorials are very helpful.

Thank you all! :smileyhappy:


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If I log in from Second Life's main page and then have to log in again to see the community platform, it is most definitely not "Single Sign On."  I would love to see this corrected.  Please?

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Why is there no ability to reply to a specific poster in the Blogs? If, for example, Lexie or Torley makes a comment, and I have a reply specific to them, but their post is 50 posts back in the blog thread, there seems to no longer be any way to link my comment in the blog to their post.

With 'uploaded images' in our individual avatar accounts as the only way to include an image in a blog, Forum or Answers post, what happens if we later delete the image to make room in our images area? Does the image cease to be hosted and visible in the Blog, Answers or Forums? Many of those images are useful only for that specific post, and we would never have a reason to re-use them. If they vanish from the post because we 'weed' our unused images, that cripples the usefulness of images in Blog, Forum or Answers posts.


A test image should appear above this line. I am going to delete it from my uploaded images after making this post. We'll see if that eliminates it here or not.

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Well, I just eliminated the image of me in my black cheongsam from my uploaded images, and that also killed it here. This is a VERY serious problem. How can we display images useful only to a single post entry, if we then have to permanently keep those images in our account's "Uploaded images" queue? Three months from now, will I remember that that image of a badge background or some other odd illustration was a necessary part of an Answers forum accepted solution, or will I cull it as unneeded trash?

Is there any way to see ALL Blog threads, regardless of what category they are in, with the newest ones at the top, like we can do now for the Forums and for Answers?

Is there any way to see a combined listing of all Forum and Answers threads, regardless of what category they are in? In the old forums, we could do that, and when I am looking for active threads to read and reply to, I couldn't care less if it is categorized as "Forums" or "Answers". I just want to read the most current changes, and possibly reply as appropriate.

With the current formatting, I have to check out Forums-All, Answers-All, and each Blogs category separately? Why?

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Where is the Single RSS feed to all Blogs....   All I can find is the individual feeds for each blog


Edit: I located the link, well actuialy it was in a post on the privious page;  It really needs to be added at the top of the Blog page, but for now You can find it Here

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RE: swedishfox

In the Blogs, only Lindens can create new threads. You should be able to make new threads in the Answers and Forums areas.

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Ok so after a week of using the new platform I must say that it is good but here are a few things you might want to think about.

1) Limit Off Topic threads to 1 per person per day. Some people start 10 or more silly threads per day and it makes it hard to follow the important ones. 

2) In the old forums there was a widget that displayed latest posts rather than latest topics, we need this. As it is now I find no way to sort threads by latest post.

3) When you make a topic sticky and float it to the top, it only floats to the top of the list of the particular topic, maybe there should be something similar where you can add "topics being watched" for easier accessibility. 

4) Do away with forum ranks, this may very well be the reason for people starting insane number of threads per day. 

Overall the site looks great. 

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Hello every one,


I don'w know if it's the best place to put this inquiry, but this is where I could reach. So, I wish to have an answer.

I just registered but with no second avatar name, how come is that? 

When trying to log in to the viewer, it was necessary to have both first and second name. How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

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To yoodan  If your using any other type of viewer than V2 that needs a second name use the lastname RESIDENT that will do the trick LL has allowed viewers that have a last name field by generating the last name resident if you dont have one due to the new name chioces at signup.

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i just came across the viewer from http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Main_Page

if only LL could be as good as them building a 64bit version for linux

now the SLplugin only use 4% of the cpu compared to LL eating up all recourses on both

instead of 30 lag on audio i now got instant.


LL more hours on the schoolbench! learn how to make smart programing!!

good luck


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