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Welcome to the New Second Life Community Platform

Vogt Linden



Today, we are pleased to launch the new, and much improved, Second Life Community website. The new platform integrates Blogs, Forums, Answers, and the Knowledge Base into one powerful integrated system that enables you to more efficiently leverage the power and knowledge of the community. We have also redesigned the Customer Support Portal around this platform to make it easy to find the most relevant answers to your technical support and customer service questions online or to contact us when your issues are more complex.
Take a look at this video to get an overview of the many benefits that the new platform offers.

In addition to the video, we also wanted to share some helpful information and anticipate a few of your questions:

  • Unified Search: You can find the information that you’re looking for in one federated search field that returns organized results from relevant content in the Forums, Blogs, Answers, and the Knowledge Base.
  • Single Sign On: You do not need to be logged in to read the community content, but you do need to be logged in to contribute. Just use your normal Second Life username and password to login. 
  • Share Blog Posts and Knowledge Base Articles: If you find an interesting blog post or Knowledge Base article, then you can now share that information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Other kinds of content, such as user-generated comments, Forum posts, etc., will not have this functionality available.
  • Contribution-Based Roles: You will notice that each person in Second Life has a role, or rank, based on his or her contributions to the platform. The roles start at Resident and go up to Helper and with each rank comes more capabilities. So, keep those contributions coming and watch your community platform ranking rise.
  • A Smarter SL Answers: Try out the new Answers section. You’ll immediately notice that when you type a keyword, an intuitive category search will return common matching solution results. And, solutions accepted by the question author are automatically nominated for Linden editorial review and possible inclusion in the Knowledge Base.
  • Please Resubscribe to RSS Feeds: If you had an RSS feed on the old blogs or forums, then you will need to resubscribe to the RSS feeds that interest you in the new system. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • FAQs Help You Get Acclimated: We have created a detailed Frequently Asked Questions area for each section of the new system that will get you up and running in no time.
  • Yes, Archives Are Still Available: We preloaded Answered questions, Blogs, Forums, and the Knowledge Base with recent posts and/or solutions to get the conversations started. However, if you want to find older content that was available in the old platform, then you can still access it through search in read-only format.

Thanks for your patience as we transitioned to the new system. Start exploring, contributing, and let us know what you think. As is always the case with new systems, you may run into bugs. If you do, then log them on JIRA. And, if you have general feedback on the community platform, then share it with is in the Feedback section of the Forums.








Recommended Comments

I am deeply saddened to read that not only was GD excised, but any such threads created will also be closed by overzealous moderators.

I will be the first to say that a number of hate-filled threads were unnecessary here, but most of us are adult enough to be able to walk away, close the browser or react as WE wish.  The point is... we have that choice.

Now we have no choice.  The Official SL forums will become sterile and any camaraderie that would have normally occurred outside of the negativity will be very difficult, if not impossible, to flourish in this new environment.

In any event, please put down my vote for a much needed GD Subforum.

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Thank you for cleaning up the forums and getting a responsive moderator to keep things on topic.  It is much appreciated.  Love the new format!

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The new SL forum is like the V2 viewer equivalent of forum software.  It works ok, but it isn't quite right.
Oh, and like the V2 viewer they took the useful stuff out of it like the GD forum. And thanks for starting everyone off evenly in the rankings too. It's refreshing to see the chosen few again, having the abilities to do normal things most forums allow new members to do. It's nice not being able to post video when everyone could on the Jive software. Thanks again for hiring full time moderators too. Didn't you think it was prudent to do so on the last forum ?
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@ Amanda

Manual quote:

"Hey all, I wanted to address the "General Discussion" Forum question that has come up. Our goal with the Forums is to keep them as focused and constructive as possible. Although General Discussion no longer exists, we're always happy to create new Forums when the need comes up. That's where the Forum Feedback section is critical. We'll be watching it closely and adding new topic-specific Forums over time."


The General Discussion forum acted as a focal point for the community, like a clubhouse. By removing the clubhouse, the community is fragmented into a wide variety of sub-fora. There is no center, no heart. Admittedly, there were two problems with the old GD Forum:

1) AR-griefing, such that everyone had the power to AR-Veto anyone else.

2) Overzealous moderation by Linden Lab.

These problems can easily be overcome by eliminating the AR button and hiring experienced forum moderators. As for the kooks, preachers, sore thumbs and tin hats, the community tends to 'self-moderate' them through peer pressure. I therefore suggest Linden Lab take this opportunity to create a functional GD Forum.

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There seems to be a problem with single sign on.

Using Firefox, one appears to be logged off after closing then re-opening the forum window without terminating the browser session. Whereas other SL web pages eg transaction history, correctly retain the logged on status when they are re-opened.



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GD Board needed in Second Life. There can only be so much participation on where to get hair, clothes and where to dance or listen to music.

In addition, the Lithium site has a Board for "Ideas". A place where we can post our insights for you to implement. Shouldn't I be receiving a commission for every idea of mine you implement? 1 or 2 % of your gross will do.

Elitist rankings and roles stink by the way...why didnt everyone start out as Resident?

You need to explain exactly how we may move up. I don't want to have to race to the Answers section to provied the first right answer to recieve a kudo or recognition check mark. Especially when Torley answers the damn question  and gets the award!

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Wow!!! Actually it looks pretty nice and it seems to be really useful, tho we need still to get used to it.

As always, thanks for the work. :D

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I'd like to have a like/ dislike button for comments (like YouTube has).

I'd also like ot have an Adults Only, age verified section for discussions of topics that affect residents but may not be approriate for minors to read, Examples would be problems merchants & users of adult items have, land-holder & renter issues for residents of Zindra, and determining age appropriatness for displays by arttists & merchants.

Datango Vale said:

"The General Discussion forum acted as a focal point for the community, like a clubhouse. By removing the clubhouse, the community is fragmented into a wide variety of sub-fora. There is no center, no heart. Admittedly, there were two problems with the old GD Forum."

If "Divide & Conquer" is LL's goal , then this move makes perfect sense. We like to view these forums as places for expressing our  "Freedom of Speech", but Second Life is not a democracy.  It is a generally benevolent dictatorship.  We have no citizens "Bill of Rights" here.  The govenment of SL controls its press & media.  We have no "writ of habius corpus" in its legal system. We have no elected representatives or unbiased judiciary.  We residents are at the complete mercy of a govenment that can take our virtual possesions, land, voice & freedom at any time it wishes.  Much of the RL world lives under such conditions & has for thousands of years. We must learn to do the same if we wish to live in this particular virtual world. Luckily we still have access to the rest of the internet to share our views. LL can never tell us "No Internets For You.". We also have the freedom to leave for other lands whenever we wish. 

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A huge improvement all around. Better consolidation of info and already finding it easier to get at the bits I'm interested in.

Moving the KB over to here is a great move as well. Thank you for better tools, they are much appreciated.

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Single sign-on? Then why did I have to sign in to this page, after coming here from my dashboard? (Open in New Tab)

And, why are there no forum links on the dashboard?


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I am very disappointed.  And the claims by some that the lack of a GD forum seems to smack of eliminating an embarassment on the part of LL may indeed have some merit.

I will just watch and wait.

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Hm! At least it seems to be faster. There was something on the "old" blog software which made an extremely long comment section painfully slow to browse (I aways suspected heavy JS, but with my ancient hardware, it's always hard to tell...). Well, I like to try new social thingies :)

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I'm afraid that without the General Discussions area, your new communication system doesn't permit me to communicate with my fellow netizens very well.  Instead the only real use I will have for it is once every 3 months popping my muzzle in to see what the next disruptive change coming down the pipe happens to be.

Without the GD area, customers aren't really going to be keen on visiting the forums and perhaps answering a newbie's question in the Help areas for you.  Why should we bother to come -- no chit chat allowed.  While this move to eliminate general talk and banter permits LL's messages to better stand out, you can't really call it an improvement in communications.  You CAN call it an improvement in Broadcasting if you like...

Once again, LL shows that it doesn't grasp even the simplest concept about why their customers are on SL in the first place.  We aren't here to make your lives easier or to make LL richer.  We are here to enjoy ourselves, and we pay money for the privilege.   And action after action by LL shows that they don't care if we are enjoying ourselves or not. 

This is as fatal a condition as a restaurant owner not caring if the food tastes good or not.

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Wow.  That was certainly fast -- thank you Amanda.

There are bolts of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds, at long last.  Oh, stabby rays of light, how I have missed thee...

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@Amanda Linden. /me kisses you and hugs you


I must say that the Lindens have impressed me the last few days. Amanda, Soft (who has been taking care of the nasty things), and all the other Lindens in the background have been listening lately. I wonder if Rod Humble is smacking you guys around :P 

No but seriously last few days you guys have been great keep up the good work and continue listening to the custemers. 

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Image uploads fails with Safari on Mac OS X 10.6.6, with an error message. The same upload works in Firefox 4.0b9.

Since Safari is the default browser on the Mac and iOS devices, this should be fixed ASAP. 

Oh... and if I press Preview, I get a warning that leaving the page will loose all unsaved changes, so does that mean preview will kill your message? :-)


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Aha! I tried uploading an image from the iPad, and voila; the root of the issue. "You must install or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player before you can upload images...."


You have created a community platform with FLASH at the core of the functionality? The security hole infested ....

... and that should leave out quite a few mobile devices too.

The diagnosis for Safari on the Mac was simple once I realized flash was involved. The Safari extention "Click to Flash" would of course block the operation - which it did. Disabling it restored the upload function like in Firefox. 

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