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Second Life Destinations: The Desire Realm

Linden Lab


The Desire Realm pays homage to Roro Jonggrang, a Javanese fairy tale of love and betrayal, set in a gorgeous Hindu temple with a tropical monsoon climate.

Creator Aryluke tells us that this region was originally something else, and over time evolved into Candi Roro Jonggrang - Prambanan. Prambanan is an 8th-century Hindu temple compound in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, that is dedicated to the Trimūrti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu), and the Destroyer (Shiva).

Aryluke explains, “I love building in Second Life, so my {region} and its concept will most likely always change a lot. However, it will still be about my home here in Central Java, Indonesia and all the monuments and temples we have here in {the physical world}. I will keep them rezzed to share with everyone all over the world.”

The sky and water bear an interesting palette of sepia and taupe; this shields visitors from the harsh tropical sun while giving the region a peaceful golden hour tone. It also makes the green of the palm trees and plant life pop. This is a tranquil region untouched by industrialization, made in honor of natural beauty and its sacred soundscape.

The setting has great spiritual value, as Aryluke tells us, “The Desire Realm or Karma Vhibangga Level as it stands now on my {region} is the lowest level of The Borobudur, which features 160 relief panels all telling stories about moral and ethical questions and interactions between people in a variety of social settings, so they - as Buddhists - can become better humans, while in the physical realm.” Perfectly preserved ancient structures provide a sense of timelessness, and sculptures of Hindu deities are immensely humbling. If you are lucky enough to find a horse, riding it over the water is pure magic, imbuing visitors with a profound sense of gratitude. 

Aryluke’s creative process involved the following: “I used some pictures from the museum in Borobudur and textured them on those giant prims surrounding the top level of the Borobudur. This way people who visit can actually view them, which they could not do in RL because they are too high up.”

Aryluke’s approach to SL is multifaceted, illustrating the numerous ways that Residents can find fulfillment here: “I joined SL to have more creativity, friends, and fun. It has been a wonderful world for me, {I’m} so glad to see what people build here from all over the world. A lot is about nature, education, art, culture, etc. I spend my time in SL exploring places. There is a lot to learn here, if you want to.”

Regarding what sets Second Life apart from other virtual worlds, Aryluke tells us, “Considering everything we have in SL: the variety of {regions}, quality of avatars, business/marketplace, virtual currency, land/property, and social life… SL is still the best metaverse for me.”

We each have a unique perspective on the culture we grew up in, and experiencing different cultures with the guidance of someone within the community provides invaluable authenticity, with little details you can’t always find through your own research. Like many others, Aryluke explains, “I have been a heritage enthusiast since I was very young, and so when I discovered SL and had a chance to build things we have here in Indonesia, it became very interesting for me.”

Immerse yourself in ancient history and international culture the Second Life way, and visit The Desire Realm today.

Aryluke's Flickr

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


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