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Step into the surreal otherworldliness of Black Kite, where the serenity of a lily pond meets the comfort of your coolest friend’s living room.

Black Kite is sort of a patchwork of inventive resting places connected by long piers that extend deep out into the water. This adds a fun hint of surprise as you approach each station, as you have no idea what is about to rez. Creator Cloudy tells us, “Second Life is this magical world of creativity and expression; you can do just about anything and be just about anyone. I love how it connects so many people from all over the world and different backgrounds, enriching your life in ways one might never have expected.” 

This region is ripe for exploration, with sights like floating fish and cozy pieces of furniture strewn about the corners. What at first looks like a small shack turns out to be an industrial chic lounging area with water lilies sprouting through the cracks in the floor. Cloudy explains that this imaginative creation is a way of giving back to SL, saying, “I would spend countless hours at places, just enjoying what other creators made… I decided I wanted to give back, like so many others did before me, and create a little spot where people could think, dream, and just have a special little place to call their home if they didn't have one. I wanted to add my own little bit of magic to this magical place.” 

This photogenic region shows the vibrant intersections of fantasy, art, and self-expression that take place in our virtual world everyday. The glistening water gives a sense of timelessness while other elements, like a whirlwind of butterflies around a tree, are perfectly frozen. Black Kite has an aura of self-acceptance that Cloudy also appears to possess, stating, “I take Second Life just like real life, one day at a time… so who knows what the future may bring. Perhaps working with others on projects, maybe creating a new project myself or just continuing to enjoy seeing people come to Black Kite after all these long years.” A dilapidated phone booth, a symbol of travel or transformation in many works of fiction, is adorned with tree branches and golden buttercups. Nature gracefully reclaiming human creations is a predominant theme of this whimsical dreamscape. 

On what may come of other “metaverse” platforms, Cloudy tells us, “I've tried just about every single virtual world that has come out and yet I'm still here in Second Life. All these other worlds come and go.”

There is also a corner where you can buy home and garden items made in the same fantastical style, for those inspired to create their own dreamy getaway. Flowers as tall as an avatar play with size distortion, adding childlike wonder and playfulness. “Second Life means a lot to me, it's more than just a game or hobby, as it allowed me to meet so many people I would never have; I've made wonderful friendships and bonds that make me feel very blessed.”

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Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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