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Coming soon: Email Notification For Sign-in From a New Computer!

Linden Lab


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We are going to be introducing an additional way for you to keep your account safe! When we detect that your viewer is being accessed from a new device, we’ll send you an email that looks like this:

          SUBJECT: Important: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME] accessed Second Life from a new machine.

          Your Second Life account has been accessed from a new machine. If you recently logged in to Second Life from a new device you may ignore this mail.

               Account: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME]
               Time: [TIME IN SLT, example 2022-02-11 09:09.00 SLT]
               Originating IP Address: [IP ADDRESS OF NEW COMPUTER]
          If this was you, you don’t need to do anything. If not, we will help you secure your account: What To Do If Your Account Has Been Compromised

We are pleased to bring you this industry standard to help protect your SL account. Make sure to verify your email address to receive these notifications.  

We recently introduced Multi-Factor Authentication, another industry standard, as another layer of account protection. Read about it at https://second.life/mfa 

UPDATE: This feature is available as of 2/28 for accounts with a verified email address.

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