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Second Life Destinations: Sous le Ciel de Paris

Linden Lab


Get early access to a crisp spring morning by visiting Sous le Ciel de Paris, a chic rooftop garden brimming with rustic charm.

Creator Tolla Crisp, the mastermind behind Frogmore and Mousehole, crafted this tranquil resting spot in the Art Nouveau style, with architecture and furniture that evoke the graceful curves of tendrils and flowers. Tolla tells us, “Paris started off as my own personal home, not intended to be a public venue. I started with an old skybox from Pixel Mode which I modified and then I added on and modified builds from Milk Motion, Apple Fall, and Minimal.” This all culminated in a whimsically curated space that looks like a virtual home and garden magazine. Visitors can enjoy the ambience on cozy patio furniture, but don’t miss the chicken coop, ornate metalwork, or baskets of freshly picked produce. 

The region’s name roughly translates to Under Paris Skies, as Tolla says, “It evolved into a 'spring' Paris rooftop with lots of flowers: I think everyone is ready for a fresh break from winter.” There is something so soothing about spring’s themes of rebirth and fresh growth. It serves as a reminder that even on the gloomiest winter day, the cycle of life will continue and we will make it to another sunny morning. No matter what is happening in the physical world, Second Life should always be a safe haven where Residents can have fun and relax.

Regarding creative processes, Tolla tells us, “My inspirations come from the research I do on Pinterest. I use a  board to gather ideas for each project,  as well as from my great friends in SL that are from France.” The region’s aesthetic is dappled with soft pastels; pops of color burst forth from the warm patina of the buildings and decor. This place is very much alive, with hummingbirds buzzing about the flower patch and a mischievous squirrel swinging from a bird feeder as it tries to snag some nuts and seeds.

Tolla has been a Resident for quite some time, telling us, “Second Life has meant many things over the years and like most people that do stay a long time, I have evolved and changed over that time… creating beautiful spaces that I can share with others has brought much happiness and satisfaction, and keeps me returning to SL. My journey with Frogmore has been very rewarding indeed.”

Given the increased conversation around virtual spaces and the concept of the metaverse, Tolla says, “I am very passionate about the freedom we have in SL versus anything FB might offer… I invite you to have a peek at a video my friend Tutsy Navaratha recently made regarding Metaverse and SL: Mon Metaverse."

Stay tuned for updates on Tolla's other creative endeavors, as they mentioned “I will continue to grow and change Frogmore and Mousehole regions and hopefully continue to deliver an immersive experience to share with all. We have big plans for both regions in 2022…”

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres



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